The Award Goes To Troy McQuagge


As the current CEO of USHealth Group, Troy McQuagge is a Gold Winner. He is the recipient of the One Planet Award. This is an extremely coveted award and symbolizes excellence and professionalism in business. Recipients are chosen from all over the world. Submitted nominations for this award are in the categories of non-profit and profit, the smallest and largest businesses, new companies and private and public companies.

Troy McQuagge started working at USHealth in 2010. His first goal was to completely turn around the company. He began this task with the captive distribution agency called USHealth Advisors. It was his ultimate success in this endeavor that led to him being named as CEO of the company in 2014. While he has been with USHealth the growth, success and profits of the company reached new heights.

Troy said he was so honored to have received this award. He also felt the award was not just for himself but for everyone at the company. All of the companies employees have worked hard to put USHealth at the top of the healthcare field. He is proud of the companies commitment to providing affordable healthcare with innovative coverage.

The purpose of the One Planet Awards is to give recognition to businesses who show excellence in their chosen fields. These awards are broken down into categories including exceptional new services and products, marketing, outstanding executives, Corporate Communications and teams.

USHealth Groups specialized in insurance and the needs in the current market. Their base is located in Fort Worth, Texas. They provide health insurance coverage for people who are self-employed and the owners and employees of the smaller businesses. Their goal is to be able to offer insurance that is affordable to their clients and provide excellent customer service.

Troy McQuagge is definitely an incredibly innovative CEO. This was backed up when he won the Gold Award for his contributions to USHealth Group. His leadership, experience, innovation, knowledge, and organizational skills are exemplary.

Troy is 33 years of age and rightly considered a veteran in the field of insurance. Before he came to USHealth he was the CEO of HealthMarkets. Due to his actions while working for them, the company achieved a yearly sales volume of well over a billion dollars. He became the CEO of USHealth in 2011 and since then the company has seen record growth and profits for four years in a row. The company is ten times bigger than when Troy came on board due to his input. For full details on this story please visit