Pastor Loses Weight and Finds Optimal Health Thanks to


Pastor Hosea Collins has been sharing his weight loss story in the Media after participating in a cleanse with Pastor Collins and CEO A.D. Dolphin appeared together on the talk show “Steve Harvey” to discuss all of the benefits of the 20 day Full Body Cleanse and prove that it works. Collins was motivated to lose weight after being declared ineligible to donate his kidney and save his sick wife. Since Collins’ spiritual beliefs revolved around finding purpose to help others, he decided to do just that. Collins began a healthy transformation with the help of’s healthy cleanse. Once the pastor reached 222 pounds, he was able to save his wife’s life by providing her with his kidney.


The 20 Day Cleanse available by detoxifies the body using natural ingredients from plants. The plan rejuvenated Pastor Collins and strengthened his body by enhancing his immune system. He was able to shed a tremendous amount of weight after his body systems returned to their optimum levels. The pastor experienced increased energy levels and lost his cravings for carbohydrates and unhealthy food. is a site that promotes health and wellness. Many users like Pastor Collins have received helpful tools and information to repair their body from damage caused by toxins found in everyday products. allows its users to heal their body faster with products derived naturally from nature.


The Cleanse that Pastor Collins used to gain self fulfillment and change his outlook is one of many products that provide therapeutic benefits and remove aluminum from the body. Once a person, like Hosea Collins, has received optimal health benefits from the Dherbs Cleanse, some of their natural products, such as soaps, deodorants, water, and protein powder should be used to maintain it. Substituting more natural and detoxifying products in the place of synthetic ones is a step toward maintaining maximum health.


Josea Collins is going to continue his weight loss journey until he gets to his goal weight of 200. He plans to maintain his healthy lifestyle and weight by using the products and information supplied to him by  Check out Collins’ full story in the article Pastor Loses 130 Pounds to Save Wife With Full Body Cleanse.