Dr. Mark McKenna to Create On-Demand Botox House Calls

Dr. Mark McKenna earned his doctorate at the Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was following in the path that his father had started by being a doctor, but after graduating from Tulane he realized that he wanted something more out of life. So, he started investing in real estate in New Orleans (before Hurricane Katrina in 2005). Tragically, his real estate portfolio worth upwards of $5,000,000 lost half of its value overnight when the hurricane hit. In addition to the losses from the hurricane, there was writing on the wall from a few different people and so he decided to pack it all up and move to Atlanta, Georgia.

In Atlanta, he started a new and created boutique medical services in partnership with Lifetime Fitness Gyms. In addition to raising his daughter at the time, Lifetime was bought out by a private Equity Firm for 4 billion dollars. In his leaving of Lifetime and selling his medical services business named ShapeMed for 4 million dollars, he decided to continue down the entrepreneurial route and invest his time into creating environments and experiences that are more accessible to the public that had previously been so.

With his flagship store in Atlanta on Peachtree Street, Dr. Mark McKenna will allow clients to have a more personalized experience. Dr. Mark McKenna has become something of a celebrity type in Atlanta. He is creating a mobile application and hiring various forms of doctors who are trained in Botox injections to make house visits to clients; in essence, Dr. Mark McKenna is harnessing the skills of nurse practitioners, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. Dr. Mark McKenna is also a philanthropist and will be donating some of the profits from his Botox injection company, OVME, to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. More information can be found about him at OVME’s website, OVME.com.


Medical Pioneer Mark Mofid

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Mark Mofid practices cosmetic surgery in the San Diego and La Jolla area. The skilled surgeon is on a mission to create safe cosmetic surgery practices. Because of his outstanding reputation, the doctor is among the finest surgeons in his area and a favorite amongst patients.

Mark Mofid’s offices are located in San Diego County. Him, his wife and a nurse form a hard-working team to treat the thousands of patients that visit the offices yearly. He has a lot of business advice to lend. He believes in starting small and organically growing. He has grown from a small two room office to being a leading surgeon in California.

Before Mark Mofid was an excellent physician pleasing clients with physical enhancements, he began his journey in medicine at Harvard University. He graduated from the prestigious university with honors. He went on to study at John Hopkins University. He has penned publications for various medical journals. He has been recognized at both national and international medical conferences. Beyond his formal education and training, the physician is very respected in the industry for his latest innovation.

Trained and very familiar with gluteal augmentation, Mark Mofid knew the way gluteal augmentation procedures were being carried out could be done better. His knowledge of the body’s skin and muscle systems caused him to see there was a better solution to implants. The physician researched and eventually developed a modern, safer implant alternative. The doctor’s invention has eased patients’ concerns about gluteal augmentation. The improved intramuscular positioning of his invention made for a more natural appearance. The implants have a low profile and have become a more preferable choice among surgeons and patients for gluteal augmentation.

A physician, innovator, personable surgeon are just a few words to describe Mark Mofid. Ultimately, his focus is on the health and happiness of his patients. He is very committed to bringing safety to plastic surgery. His invention and advancement in the gluteal enhancement industry will forever be recognized.


Dr. Mark Holterman Tries to Bring Peace to the Children of Vietnam

The world is in desperate need of Heroes, and while superheroes don’t necessarily really exist, real heroes do in the medical field. Everyday these individuals who have spent years of their life in medical school, go the extra mile in order to save a life. In the case of children were in dire need of help in Vietnam, there is one pediatrician who needs to call and it far exceeds what is asked of him. This particular man’s name is Dr. Mark Holterman. Dr. Holterman started his exceptional career in Wisconsin. Eventually Holterman would decide to go to Yale to continue his college experience, and majored in Biology at first. Through a series of events that would change his life, he eventually became a pediatrician and started his practice at the University of Washington’s children’s hospital, and then eventually moved to Quebec to continue his practice there. He has Decades of experience under his belt, something that has saved hundreds if not thousands of lives (Dialdish).

What makes Mark Holterman different than other doctors is his dedication to individuals outside of America. During a trip with his wife to Vietnam he noticed that there was a severe shortage and pediatricians in the country. He has made it his personal mission to provide excellent medicine to the children of Vietnam by supporting training a Vietnamese doctors and also setting up mission trips to the country. The name of this program is IPSAC-VN. The organization that Dr. Mark Holterman has created in Vietnam has made a lot of changes, including updates in medical technology that are continuing to be added to Vietnamese hospitals. A startling fact about how hospitals work in that country is the idea that infections are rather rampant. Holterman not only seeks to eliminate this threat completely, but has already almost met his goal. Since IPSAC-VN is still a new corporation it’s still unknown exactly how far it will be able to reach. They are doing incredible things but who knows exactly how far they’ll go. Only time will tell.