Private and Public Enterprise, A Needed Partnership

The Government recently reported that via a partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development concessions will be made. Concessions include plans to improve management, structure and resource areas. Edison Carlos states that basic sanitation in Brazil ism mostly performed by public power, making up 90 percent. Of that 90 percent, 70 percent of users are served by state organizations. Edison holds the position that private initiative is not a good motive to exclude the public, because the two forms of management work better when utilized together. They have the potential to greatly compliment each other.


The National Bank for Economic and Social Development seeks to produce customized action plans based on surveys detailing local regions. With this information, the organization can easily adapt plans and implement projects according to region needs. Edison claims that private enterprise has more ready access to resources and thus makes it an important partner to reducing water loss. They hold more advanced technology, something that is invaluable to their cause. Access to more technological advancements also would offer them the opportunity to implement more sophisticated sewage systems.


Felipe Jens has experience working at Terna S.P.A. in the project development field. He also has experience at the same company working in structured finance field. With a degree in Business Administration from Fundao Getlio Vargas, he is certainly a qualified individual in the world of business.


Felipe Jens further education includes a Masters in International Management from the American Garvin School of International Management located in the United States. Other professional positions held by Jens include Chairman, Director, Vice Chairman, General Manager, Principal, and Executive Officer. All of these positions span across several different companies. Felipe’s extensive resume and qualifications certainly have shaped him into the business leader he is today.