Thor Halvorssen Ushering in the New Era of Civil Activism

Thor Halvorsen remains the most passionate, polarized yet dedicated human rights activist of the twenty-first century. The forty-one old is the founder of New York-based Human Rights Foundation (HRF) and Oslo Freedom Forum which consists of activists whose aim is to expose, condemn and criticize the oppressive governments and regimes across the world. He is fearless in his quest to ensure the rise of democracy, human rights, and individual freedom. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania graduating with an undergraduate and a graduate degree in political science and history with honors.

The Caracas-raised activist has a Norwegian and Venezuelan descent and a broad scope of knowledge in the field of human rights and civil liberties. He comes from a family that treasures individual freedom and human rights. His family’s legacy traces back to his grandfather Oystein, a Norwegian king counsel during the World War II and the man who made great sacrifices and dedication towards ensuring that Latin America got its independence from Spain. Click here to watch video.

His father got tortured in a Caracas prison, and his mother died from a bullet shot during a demonstration. His cousin, who challenged the Chavista regime, became a prisoner of war. As such, his dedication to the field of human rights cannot be taken to be merely theoretical. His love for the people inspires his actions, and he goes to great lengths to protect them from tyrannies.

Mr Thor is a classical liberal and a great supporter of the works of John Stuart Mills who speaks up against discriminative and anti- communist leaders and dictators across the world. Recently, Human Right Foundations Oslo Freedom Forum has become internationally renowned and attracted sponsors from around the globe. Some of their donors include PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel and Serjey Brin, Google’s co-founder.

Thor Halvorsen has delivered lectures involving human rights at Harvard Law School, American Enterprise Institute and the United Nations Association in New York. He has also aired his views on the matter in the British parliament. He is the patron of a Czech–based Children’s Peace Movement.

Meet Thor Halvorssen: A Renowned Human Rights Activist and Advocate against Tyrants

Halvorssen is no ordinary man despite his modest dressing and eloquent speech. Few individuals that have met him in different circumstances paint a different image altogether. One reporter provides a detailed profile about Thor based on encoded messages and emails sent during late night hours. Such details envision a man that has clashed with several tyrants and drug kingpins.

Thor credits his keen eye to detail and interaction between individuals as essential qualities that have molded his personality. By harnessing such skills, he has been able to detect corrupt tyrants and governments that have betrayed the public. Rather than serve the needs of the people, corrupt individuals have continually embezzled funds for their benefit.

Mr Halvorssen strives to advocate for justice in any part of the world. Advocating for the persecution of Venezuelan tyrants is a testament of the lengths he is willing to go to obtain justice. In addition, he believes that significant change can only be realized by going after the ‘big fish’ in tyrannies and crime syndicates. As such, he has called upon well-wishers and like-minded individuals to aid in his quest to save the voiceless in the society. Apart from his human rights crusade, Thor hosts an annual Freedom Forum in Oslo to discuss human rights abuse and solutions to such problems. Furthermore, he also participates in TEDTalks to promote innovation in youth.

Thor’s Background

Halvorssen serves as the Founder and CEO of the Human Rights Foundation. Based in New York, the institution aims at championing the rights of the oppressed in the society. Furthermore, it also focuses on the promotion of civil rights and the liberation of federal inmates in tyrant regimes. Since its formation, the Foundation has successfully negotiated the release of seven prisoners and submitted undisputed evidence to Truth Commissions. In addition, his exploits have put tyrants on notice wherever they are.

Thor is a Caracas native with a Venezuelan and Norwegian descent. Throughout his life, Halvorssen has endured numerous challenges that have served as motivation to the man he currently is today. The activist asserts that liberty and human rights should not be compromised at all. Such principles act as the fundamental pillars of prosperity and harmony. By safeguarding such rights, governments can adequately meet the needs of its citizens.