Tips For Hosting Traveling Vineyard Parties As A Wine Guide

Being a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard is one of the most rewarding job opportunities out there. You get to give a gift to your friends and strangers alike. You are broadening their horizons and deepening their appreciation for the complex libation known as wine.

Wine guides host parties. These parties do not have to be at your home, but they can be in anybody’s home. You are just looking for an intimate gathering of friends in order to educate them about some of the world’s best wines.

You guide this gathering of friends through an intimate wine tasting. You get to educate them on the region the wine comes from, how to serve the wine, how to look at the colors and watermark of the wine, and how to smell and taste the wine. It is an experience that they will never forget.

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Every order of wine that comes from these wine tastings earns you money. The commissions are based on the ordering information that you leave with these friends. In order to throw your best wine tasting party, here are some recommendations.

Always work light to heavy. Begin with some of your white wines with more delicate flavors. Progress through some of the lighter reds and on to the deeper, spicier varieties.

Make sure that there are white and light colored backgrounds for your wine tasting. You want your guests to hold up that glass of wine against a very light background in order to see all of the colors of the wine. Dark or especially bright colored backgrounds can make the wines appear a different color which can dampen your presentation.

It is always good to serve food at your wine tasting. Each wine has a particular flavor that pairs exceptionally well. Pack some snacks in very small bite sized pieces that can go well with every wine that you serve during the event.

And always have fun. The more fun that these groups of friends have at your events, the more likely they are to order wine. You want to sell that goodwill atmosphere with the wine.

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