Waikea Water: a Natural Alternative

In a bottled water industry valued at over $100 billion dollars, it’s not uncommon to hear phrases like “naturally sourced” or “all-natural” used as marketing ploys to gain the interest of prospective consumers. Unfortunately, in many cases, certain companies tend to overpromise and underdeliver, but what if there was truth in advertising, what if there was a company that was everything that it purported itself as being? Well, such is the case for Waiakea, a brand of refreshing bottled water sourced from the volcanoes of Hawaii. If you’re not already familiar with this brand of bottled water, Waiakea is a company that differentiates itself from competitors in several key ways including their environmentally safe bottling and water filtration process.

Founded in 2012, Waikea water is quickly becoming a favorite amongst bottled water enthusiast, and the company’s sales figures are a testament to that fact. As a relative newcomer in the bottled water sector, Waikea has enjoyed unprecedented growth; in fact, the company is currently valued at $10 million dollars, which represents a 170% annual rate of growth since it’s inception. To better contextualize this statement, when Waikea first began selling water they sold an average of 2,300 cases annually; today, however, the company is averaging over 120,000.

Why is Waikea water so successful? Well, they are doing something that their competitors are not, which is giving consumers what they want. Let’s face it, consumers who don’t care about the water they consume would simply drink tap water. Waikea is providing consumers with water that is sourced from the beautiful island of Hawaii, specifically the Mauna Los volcano. The water sourced from this volcano undergoes a natural filtration process as it passes over and through volcanic rock; during this process, the Hawaiian volcanic water is infused with an array of electrolytes and minerals, which have a variety of health benefits.

Once the water has been gathered, Waikea moves on to the bottling process, which is something that many consumers are interested in, especially the environmentally conscious. Unlike other bottled water companies, Waikea does not use BPA plastics to bottle their water. The company, instead, uses fully degradable recycled polyethylene terephthalate, which has been proven safer for the environment. In addition, this bottling process is far more cost-efficient, and these savings are passed on to the consumer.


Jeunesse Global taps into nature’s health store with Reserve

Researchers have known for decades that the consumption of red wine has major health benefits for those who are able to use it moderately. Many studies have shown that drinking two glasses of red wine per day significantly reduces the incidence of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular events. Because of these findings, one might suppose that the global medical community would be rushing to recommend that everyone over the age of 18 begin consuming wine.

However, physicians across the planet have been advised by the world’s leading medical bodies not to issue blanket recommendations to patients that they take up wine connoisseurship as a hobby. Given the fact that it has been incontrovertibly shown that those who consume wine in moderation may have up to a 50 percent reduction in cardiovascular disease, this might seem like a puzzling situation.

It turns out that the reason that the major medical bodies have not gotten behind recommending wine consumption for those who are not already wine drinkers is because of the associated risk of alcohol consumption in any quantity. Since a significant number of people who do not currently drink will develop an alcohol use disorder of some degree if they do suddenly take up wine drinking, the medical establishment cannot safely recommend the salutary effects of the fermented grape. This has meant that the health benefits of wine have been inaccessible to those who are not currently drinkers, at least until now.

With the creation of Reserve, Jeunesse Global, one of the leading distributors of health products worldwide, has finally created a product that captures all of the health benefits of red wine without exposing users to the risk of starting to consume alcohol. Reserve makes use of one of the most powerful substances found within red wine, a heart-healthy byproduct of grape fermentation known as resveratrol.

Reserve also contains some of the most powerful fruits known to modern nutritionists. These include concord grape, acai, pomegranate and blueberries. Taken together, these ingredients form one of the most powerful combinations of health-protecting nutrients ever combined in a single, great-tasting drink. Reserve can only be purchased through authorized Jeunesse Global distributors.


The Renowned Dr .Dov Rand

Bioidentical hormones are compounded in a specialty pharmacy known as a compound pharmacy. They come from natural sources such as soy or yams so they are plant derived. They are molecularly identical to the hormones that we already have in our bodies. What is unique about bioidentical hormones is that the body sees it as belonging to itself but not as a foreign substance. Synthetic hormones are molecularly altered. They are not chemically identical to those in our bodies.

They do not often come from natural resources which mean they are not natural for our body. By molecularly altering it, they create some problem that exists from synthetic hormones. This is according to Dr. Dov Rand. He is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, located in New Jersey (https://www.linkedin.com/in/johanan-rand-md-52605224). He is a physiatrist, physical medicine specialist, and Rehabilitation doctor. He trained at the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. Dr. Dov Rand, M.D only practices Peer-Review medicine.

He is a health and fitness expert as well as a role model to his patients. When it comes to health optimization, he is the preferred choice to see as he is kind, understanding, and sensitive to his patient’s health needs and concerns. Dr. Dov’s program emphasizes a total picture including bio-identical hormones, supplements, fitness, and nutrition. To be sure, comprehensive plan initiates after your executive physical examination. His current works include a book titled “It’s not too late to live past 100” and is expert in presenting the “evidence-based support” of bio-identical hormones.

Dr. Dov Rand is board certified in anti-aging medicine, regenerative medicine, and functional medicine. Additionally, the Millennium TBI network approved him (Doximity). Dr. Dov Rand works as a consultant to Elite Healthcare out of China. By traditionally using anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections, and nerve blocks or epidural. He has treated numerous acute and chronic pain patients for over 15 years.