EOS Vegan Crystals, The Reviews are In.

Finding an organic, vegan-friendly lip balm had been a challenge. Most products within the big retailers contain petroleum jelly or beeswax and alternative products can be difficult to find and rather expensive, at least until now.

EOS, whose organic lip balm in the brightly colored round pods hit the market seven years ago has broken the vegan barrier. EOS has created a lusciously rich lip balm that is beeswax and petroleum free, read more here.

By using the creamiest natural oils, like shea and coconut, EOS has produced two vegan flavors Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid that are satisfyingly buttery and soothe the driest lips. Distinguishable by the clear topped pods, these vegan flavors still contain all of the fragrant, scrumptious and organic ingredients that made EOS famous.

EOS has been challenging the norms of the lip balm industry since its inception. From their unique round pod that is easy to find in your bag, organic products that smell amazing, are fun to look at and full of moisture. EOS was also to market their products as fun, offering a variety of flavors and colors, see it here at amazon.com. EOS also offers a limited edition line of lip balms, guaranteeing their flavors will never grow stale and now with options for all dietary preferences, EOS will continue to grow in lip balm popularity.

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