“Dr David Samadi Says Mitt Romney Will Recover, Following Surgery to Remove Cancer”

Two former presidential candidates have undergone the lifesaving surgery to remove prostate cancers; John Kerry survived the treatment years ago. Now Mitt Romney is coming forward to confirm he was one of over 161,000 men in the US diagnosed in 2017. Dr. David Samadi, an expert Urologist, recommended he undergo a surgical removal procedure, and now DrSamadi says that it has been successful.

Romney’s cancer was said to be “slow moving,” and according to Dr David Samadi “when cancer is localized and the prostate removed with surgery, they will have an almost 100% survival rate.” The surgery performed by Dr. Thomas Ahlering was described as “completely successful.” Mitt Romney’s public release of his latest health information has indicated to some that he may return to public service. Orrin Hatch has announced his retirement as a Senator from Utah, where Romney’s popularity remains strong.

Sixty percent of prostate cancers are seen in patients over the age of 65; Romney celebrated his 70th birthday in March. DrSamadi is confident about the prognosis, especially considering the treatment means that Romney will avoid radiation, which has a far worse survival rate, and comes into play in more advanced cancers that spread outside of the gland. Surgery presents fewer risks, whereas the exposure to radiation is sometimes blamed for bladder or rectal cancers, and complicates future treatments.

DrSamadi is pushing the envelope to use and improve techniques for remotely operated robotic surgeries. In situations where highly specialized techniques are cultivated by rarely-seen pathologies, tele-operated robots provide greater opportunities to find an experienced surgical team. DrSamadi says “Health is something everyone talks about, but very few explore the full scope of the healthcare industry. I see my patients and others struggle with what to believe is healthy for them.” As an industry expert for the media, he is often called upon to consider or explain the health and wellness of important people such as Mitt Romney. He believes Romney will see “continued good health and a long life ahead.”

With another 164,000 diagnoses expected in 2018, Dr David Samadi recommends men over 40 pay attention to guidelines designed to detect cancers, and that those with a diagnosis “should always inquire about his surgeon’s experience and the number of successful surgeries he has performed. Ask in regards to rate of cancer return, urinary continence, and sexual function after the removal of the prostate.”

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