Perry Mandera and his Local Impact

Perry Mandera and his Work in Transportation

Perry Mandera is the founder, as well as the CEO, of The Custom Companies. Mandera has had an extensive career in the logistics and transportation industry. Since 1976, Mandera has worked various jobs within the industry. Mandera has acquired more than forty years of time in shipping in the area of Illinois, as well as around the world. The company has a large history of success, and many have learned from the way that Mandera has navigated through his career (

Mandera began, professionally, when he was serving as a Marine. He looks back on this time in his life with a very positive view. While he was serving, he was the head of transporting the troops and supplies to various places. This was his inititaion into the transportation field. It also enabled him to see how important shipping services are to the larger mission of an organization. This experience, as well as the relationships he developed with his fellow marines, gave him a sense of success during his time there.

Mandera has also been heavily involved with the charity side of business. He believes it to be one of the most important aspects of his life. Mandera often speaks of his endeavors to help the community and the people around him. Whenever he has the times or financial means, Mandera makes it a priority to donate different services, time, money, etc. to programs that have been created to assist those who are less fortunate. Mandera really takes an interest to children that are in need of more. He helps these children by donating clothing as well as services that provide transportation.

In order to have the highest degree of excellence possible, Mandera uses multiple sources of inspiration and motivation. Mandera has recognized various motivational speakers that are used to bring out the most potential possible. He also uses his religous background as a basis for navigating his daily life and business endeavors.