Perry Mandera Guides Enterprise to Greater Heights

Perry Mandera steered The Custom Companies to profitability and success for more than three decades. His company emerged as one of the most dependable providers of logistics that operates in Illinois notably North Lake.


Three Essential Technologies

Perry Mandera chose three technologies to ensure the success of Custom Companies. Cheetah Dispatch refers to that innovative app enabling company drivers to access relevant information including computerized pick-up schedules as well as proof of delivery papers. Each driver uses a tablet with satellite tracking giving the company real-time monitoring of all deliveries reducing unwanted documentation.

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) works with the firm’s picking and packing as well as fulfillment service. Through the WMS, clients can monitor inventories easily and view their cargo as soon as Custom Companies receives the consignment. The Dock Management System prescribes the industry benchmark for the systems in dock management. DMS indicates a paperless approach and utilizes distinct bar codes assigned to individual shipments.


Importance of Charity

Perry Mandera does not forget or ignore the virtue of generosity. His company also took the lead in giving away money through Custom Cares Charities to disadvantaged families in winter. Mr. Mandera also made arrangements for the donation of coats to needy people in the metropolitan area of Chicago. This effort represent’s Perry Mandera’s philanthropy and one way of returning blessings to the community which remains part of the organization’s culture.


Disaster Assistance

Perry Mandera also helped Washington which suffered damages and destruction from hurricanes in 2013. He made arrangements for Custom Companies to transport food supplies and other necessities to the victims. Perry Mandera’s company sent several truckloads of food and essentials to residents of Katrina-ravaged Louisiana and Mississippi. Aside from personal donations, Perry Mandera gave additional funds to buy what the affected families needed for this benevolent donation campaign.

Perry Mandera founded Customs Cares Charities to support organizations involved in charitable work. The business owner and philanthropist from Illinois takes pride in advocating a charitable cause and diverse groups of different charity entities. He remains active in sports and other youth endeavors.