Louis Chenevert Advice for Others

Many young people want to advance within their career. Working up the corporate ladder is a dream for many people. Louis Chenevert is someone who has had success at multiple companies. Not only is he a smart business leader, but he also has the people skills needed to make a positive impact on various companies.

Louis Chenevert is the type of person who is always ready for a new challenge. Despite a hectic schedule, Louis Chenevert continually looks for new opportunities to make a significant difference in the lives of others.

College and Early Career

When Louis Chenevert was young, he did not know what he wanted to do with his life. He attended the University of Montreal and majored in business. He chose to emphasize in production management because he enjoyed the process of improving manufacturing processes. He graduated and started working at General Motors. He worked at the company for 14 years, and he had a distinguished career during that time frame.

After leaving General Motors, Louis Chenevert decided to take an opportunity at Pratt and Whitney. He enjoyed his time at the company, and he wanted to make a positive impact for the future.


Louis Chenevert received a job offer to become a prominent executive at United Technologies Corporation in 2006. He accepted the job offer and went to work. During his time at United Technologies Corporation, he made a ton of significant improvements at the company. He became CEO of the company in 2008. Although he is no longer the CEO, he is still passionate about the future of the company.

Louis Chenevert was recently asked to give some advice to young business students. He told students to continually looks for ways to improve their knowledge of technology. Louis Chenevert is a firm believer that technology will make a major impact in several industries in the future. Multiple industries will be massively disrupted by this new technology. Louis Chenevert is always willing to advise young people who want to succeed.


Adam Milstein Is Driven And Respected

When a person has a dream that they would like to bring into reality, they have to be willing to give of their time to make that dream come true. When Adam Milstein was shared about how he brings his ideas to life, he shared that he pushes and pushes until his dreams come true. He is someone who is willing to give time to the ideas that he has and to fight for them to come into being. He shared that a person should be willing to give their time and efforts when they are trying to make their dream come true.

There are some who are lazy and who fail to make their ideas come true because they are not willing to push themselves. Adam Milstein is not a lazy individual. This man has found the success that he has because he is someone who enjoys working. He was asked in an interview to share about a job that he had that he did not like. This man shared that he has never had a job that he hated because he is someone who enjoys working. This is an ambitious man who keeps accomplishing new things.

Adam Milstein has shared that setting specific goals limits him and all that he can accomplish. There are some who need to have goals made for themselves if they are going to accomplish anything in life. They cannot do what they would like to do without having goals created that they follow after. Adam Milstein is someone who believes that specific goals stop him from doing great things. He had found success without setting specific goals for himself. He works hard and always does his best in the work that he goes after, but he does not create goals for himself that he has to follow exactly and more

Adam Milstein is a successful man who works as a real estate investor. He is a philanthropist and someone who is respected as a community leader.

The significance of Jason hope on the worth of technology

Jason hope is a qualified and a successful businessman who uses modern technology to expand his businesses, promote growth and also generate profits. For instance, he profoundly believes in the power of internet of things. He considers it as a powerful tool for improving people’s lives and makes it simple. Internet of things is the connectivity of electronic devices used daily by people which include electronic machines, kitchen appliances, cars and much more. These devices are designed in a way that they make the life of the users’ more simple and straightforward. Moreover, Mr. Jason believes that if many business organizations embrace the use of internet of things, it will enable growth and makes them keep with the speed of other big enterprises and also encourage healthy competition.

He insists on the advantages of the use of technology because he sees the end users who are the customers to benefit from the use of internet of things. The purpose of technology makes the daily lives of the customers safer and also eliminate waste. Internet of things has different significance, and they include tracking of accidents that have occurred in various places, responding urgently to emergencies and much more. He relatively stated that following the use of technology-specific apps may be developed so that they can help improve the life of a person as well as making it easy and straightforward. Mr. Jason recent news articles are about merging two powerful technology industry to generate much money and also excite the customers who will embrace it. The companies include the internet of things and cryptocurrency, and what Jason Hope knows.

However, despite the fact that Mr. Jason being an influential businessman and an entrepreneur, he is also a philanthropist and a writer. For instance, he has written about the full use of technology, advantages and much more. His articles has however been highly ranked and received international recognition. Jason is considered as a lucky person and highly influential following his excellent history. For instance, he is a degree holder in finance from the University of Arizona, also has MBA from Carey School of Business. His outstanding academic records have profoundly contributed to his success. His philanthropic nature has also helped him serve the community. This is because he works with various charitable organizations that support the people from his village to live a quality life and even be educated. He moreover donates SENS foundation which has different methods of anti-aging and Jason Hope on Facebook.

Mike Baur: Encourages participation in pitching contests for startups

Mike Baur is the head and managing partner of Swiss Startup Factory. He has made a name for himself in the startup business by coming up with innovative ways of helping business people in the country establish businesses armed with the right knowledge needed to tackle the challenges in the business environment as well as taking advantage of the opportunities that are available in the industry. Through a three months startups program that he oversees, Mike Baur have managed to change life for hundreds of startups owners in the country. He runs the three months program twice every year. It is meant to help more and more people join the digital entrepreneurship industry.

The startup industry has been on a rapid growth in Switzerland. It is not a wonder to see a number of pitching contests being held in various institutions of higher learning quite often. In the three months program that is run by Mike Baur, he not only gives his students, access to financing options but also encourages them to participate in pitching contests which would see their ideas funded by investors who like their business plans. Recently, Mike Baur has become an authority in the startup’s sector and is frequently invited to panel of judges who pick the business ideas that have the greatest potential of succeeding.

He has participated in the biggest pitching contest held in Switzerland in 2014. The contest known as START Sumitter happens at the Swiss University. It brings together startup entrepreneurs who have high potential business plans. The contestants are given an opportunity to present their cases to the judges by presenting clearly their products, the business models they will apply as well as their business plans. The ideas presented must require less than $1 million to implement. The winner of the competition gets to enjoy funding from various investors. Mike Baur’s participation in the pitching contests has put him on a path of excellence with many people now recognizing his startup company. Swiss Startup Factory has had an opportunity to gain from free marketing through his participation.

The startup’s industry in Switzerland has been one of the economy’s strongest points. The country has been a global leader in the startup’s industry thanks to the efforts of the likes of Mike Baur. The startup businesses are expected to change the fortunes in the country in terms of job creation and growth of the economy. The government of Switzerland has presented the people with a chance to establish businesses by availing the required infrastructures for businesses to thrive.

Mike Baur is a financial expert comes a tech investor. He has worked in the banking sector for more than twenty years. He is the owner of the largest startup factory in Switzerland. He created Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. He hopes to mentor as many digital entrepreneurs as possible by offering them an opportunity to learn from a three-month incubator program. The program instills knowledge on important aspects of business growth. His aim is to help startups avoid failure.



Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Are Reinventing How We Think About Technology and Fashion

There are two articles about Fabletics Company and Don Ressler posted in the Norcal Journal of Business and their marketing strategies. The two articles have worked to showcase the marketing strategies that are unique in the world of technology and fashion for an intermixed capability. For Fabletics to attain the amount of success it has attained in the industry, their business entities have achieved better business in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Few companies can compare their success in the fashion industry to the success attained by Fabletics. For the company to achieve better business, they always uphold their clients’ needs more than their money. This is perhaps what sets them apart.


Fabletics Company changes its name to the Techstyle Fashion Company based in the United States. This is a company that includes a wide range of membership clothing with the accessories and beauty companies. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the two entrepreneurs who founded the company in 2011. Since the company began its business operations in the industry, they have worked hard to develop facilitating business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the world of business and fashion. These two founders had little information about fashion. However, their passion towards fashion and the industry was what set them apart in the business. Most of their success is attributed to the fact that they work together to achieve.


For the two serial entrepreneurs based in the United States, the road to success has not been an easy path. Adam Goldenberg entered the world of business at the age of 15. During that time, his first company by the name Gamers Alliance worked towards becoming the most innovative business structure in the industry. However, the company as sold to Intermix Media company in 1999. During that time, he was a student in high school. Adam Goldenberg decided to quit school and become the Vice President of the Intermix Company based in the United States.


Don Ressler’s story starts from founding the FitnesssHaven Company that solves most of the fitness issues their clients have in the industry. In 2011, Fitness Haven was sold to Intermix Media Company. This was the time when Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg became good friends. As a result, they decided to become business partners despite their age difference. The two conceived the idea of Fabletics Company that was adopted on a massive scale in the world of fashion and technology. http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/#.Wbw5M9FryM8

Fabletics Lay Down Plans to Design plus Sized Women Sportswear in 2017

Fashionable or affordable is the question that many women ask when it comes to choosing athletic wear. Fashion designers have not been able to find the balance between the two in solving women athletic wears. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg became keen with these women trends in 2010 when they realized that the industry might remain high all the time. On realizing this untapped potential, the dynamic duo launched Fabletics with the aim of creating good-looking wears that are affordable, functional and fashionable.


Contrary to the prevailing market trends, the duo decided to focus on what women wanted as opposed to what is fashionable. Through focus groups and consumers tests, they were able to uncover the biggest problem that women had been facing in the sportswear industry. The traditional women sportswear was expensive and ill-fitting. Moreover, the quality was poor making the wears uncomfortable. This meant that only the wealthy class could afford quality women sportswear.


Incorporating Kate Hudson


When Don Ressler brought in Kate Hudson, it was the beginning of a restructuring journey. Many companies had failed to match different sizes of women with well-fitting sportswear. When the actress joined Fabletics, she served as the brand spokeswoman. Her duty was to sell the brand to the public. With her consumer communication skills and her experience and passion for media, she was brought in the firm as a co-founder. Since then, she has strengthened the brand’s online presence.


Some Major Challenges


During the early stages of the business, several problems engulfed the firm including funding. Don Ressler had to battle the challenge if success was to be achieved. Despite the challenges, Mr. Ressler succeeded in forming a brand that was both fashionable and functional. With some experience in the fashion industry, Ressler was able to match comfort, affordability, and style in Fabletics’ designs.


Why is Fabletics Unique


Fabletics has maintained a strong online presence and unmatched grassroots appeal, which makes the company, stand out from the rest of their competitors. Through the use of Kate Hudson conversational skills and magnetism, Fabletics has been able to utilize social media to reach a lot of people online. For instance, a client can subscribe as a VIP and pay a monthly subscription of $50 a month. In return, the client will be able to get discounted prices, reward points for purchases and free shipping.


Plans for 2017


As if this success is not enough, the Don Ressler Led firm announced that they would be working harder to expand their market share. Specifically, the company will be launching brands for plus size women. This might be a radical measure for the company as these clothes will give these plus size women to take care of their health and lose weight. http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/#.Wbw5M9FryM8

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Change Company Name

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are on a roll when it comes to clothing for women. These two have managed to create a great amount of interest in major websites like JustFab and Fabletics. These are sites that they have co-founded, and they have become quite popular with the female crowd.


Don and Adam started with Intelligent Beauty, and this is where people started to know about their work. They would be the ones that would branch out into many different areas. This duo made their way into working with cosmetics and they were quite successful with doing this. They have been able to float through the Internet on many different clouds of retail. When they did Intelligent Beauty they were catering to people that were looking for skin care products. When they were with MySpace they were dabbling in social media. Now they are taking on the retail clothing industry, and this appears to be the thing that has given them the most praise for there ability to lure consumers to affordable and stylish clothing.


There is certainly a great amount of excitement that comes with what this duo is doing. It makes sense for people to look at what is happening when it comes to

the work that they have done so far. They have always been very vocal about the way that they are building brands, and they are going into the next phase of online retail development by changing the name of their company to TechStyle.


Don and Adam both feel that this is much more representative of everything that they are doing with JustFab, ShoeDazzle and Fabletics. They believe that they are creating the type of brands that combine style and technology. They are heavily focused on the way that they are building a brand through an online market even though they are also venturing into physical stores with Fabletics.


Adam and Don are well aware of one thing that they are certain of. They know that it will be a challenge to attract more customers now that they have already built these brands, but they realize that it is going to be valuable to them to actually put in the time to market in a way that customers will be intrigued by what they have to offer. By combining all of their companies under one umbrella it makes it easier to promote their brand. http://rgtadvisors.com/bio/adam-goldenberg/

TechStyle Innovators and fashion e-commerce giants Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

Tech Style group has revolutionized the ecommerce space for avid fashion lovers globally. Its online fashion retail stores showcases branded fashion apparels from JustFab, FabKids, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle that precisely meets their members’ preferences. The monthly subscription fee gives its members exclusive benefits such as; access to a personal stylist who recommends selections based on their unique preferences. Their membership expands internationally and is currently over four million.

History of Tech Style group

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the Co-chief executives of this mega online fashion store. Adam Goldenberg’s is an ambitious and ingenious entrepreneur whose career began 20 years ago. By age 19 he sold his gaming website to Intermix which named him the COO hence making him youngest COO to a public company so far in history. Goldenberg later helped start Intelligent Beauty that inspired TechStyle and as the Co-CEO he oversees marketing, data, internal systems and margins.

Don Ressler who has been credited for pioneering e-commerce and online spaces has had a very successful track record spearheading core ventures that have generated billions in terms of sales and profits. Goldenberg is also the brains behind Intelligent Beauty, an online corporation established in 2006 to sell fashion apparels through social media and one of its perks was that its members could receive fashion advice from professional stylist on how to dress as well as apply make-up. Eventually Intelligent Brains was instrumental into developing TechStyle Company. In his capacity as a Co-Founder, Goldenberg oversees vision, talent & customer experience.

JustFab funding history

JustFab, which is a lifestyle fashion company based in El Segundo, was founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The inception of the subscription-based company into the fashion industry was a global phenomenon. Through membership, fashionistas were now able to indulge into personalized fashion shopping globally. At the conception stage in 2011, the founders channelled their own funds into the site which was over $33 million for the company to be up and running. Following its initial success, Rho Capital Partners in July 2012 later injected over $75 million into the company enabling the site to revamp itself and as a result they widened their merchandise from ladies only to now cater for children as well as men.

In 2013, Shining Capital came on board and raised over $54 million and in 2014 Passport Capital also channelled $85 million enabling the company to excel and establish their footing in the e-commerce fashion industry with all-inclusive brands. JustFab is valued at $1 billion with over $4 million VIP members and its soon gearing for an IPO which makes it a fashion unicorn in SocialTech.

Jason Halpern Announces his Company’s Involvement in the New Aloft South Beach Hotel

Jason Halpern announced that his real estate development company, JMH Development, was part of the project that would top off the Aloft South Beach Hotel. The Miami Beach-based hotel with 235 rooms was scheduled to open in 2015.

The project would see the partnership between JMH Development and the Madden Real Estate Ventures. It will involve the addition of an eight-story tower to the famous Motel Ankara. The lead architect of the project is ADD, Inc. and Plaza Construction has been contracted to build the hotel. This is a significant venture because the Aloft South Beach hotel will become the first newly built one in the entire area since 2009.

Jason Halpern with His Wife

Features of the New Hotel

The Aloft South Beach hotel rooms will average at least 360 square feet each and will be the largest in South Beach offering guests enough space to relax and enjoy their vacation. Also, the hotel’s prime waterfront location will give guests a breathtaking access to not only the Pancoast Lake but also the Collins Canal that surrounds the entire property.

The Aloft South Beach’s location is only one block from the Miami Beach. Guests will have close access to the beach at all times. Since it is located in central South Beach, the hotel will only be minutes from boutiques, restaurants, nightclubs, top art galleries in the vicinity, the famous Bass Museum of Art, and the modern Miami Beach Convention Center.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Apart from its excellent location, guests will be treated to a host of other exciting features including a 24/7 fitness center, roof deck lounge, and an outdoor pool. Furthermore, they will have access to a vast, flexible meeting space that can be used for social gatherings as well as business meetings. For entertainment, guests will have free access to live professional bands and emerging artists playing at W XYZ bars as part of the Aloft Hotels programming.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

Aloft Hotels

Aloft Hotels boast of over 100 hotels presently in operation and several others under way. The Hotels are under the Starwood Aloft brand and are looking to expand to 14 countries globally. The brand offers travelers a vibrant and tech-forward experience in its modern style hotels. Additionally, Starwood has the richest loyalty program in the industry called the Starwood Preferred Guest (R).

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is JMH Development’s Principal. Born in 1975, Jason is a successful real estate developer who took over the control of his family-held business in 2010. The real estate developer has invested an impressive $500 million in various development projects in New York. Jason is committed to creating innovative buildings for rental property as well as commercial business space. Apart from his real estate work, Jason is also a committed philanthropist.

Don Ressler Bringing Athleisure Fashion to the Masses

Fabletics is primarily a women’s leisure wear subscription service that has revolutionized shopping for clothes. In July of 2013 Don Ressler, Adam Goldberg, and Kate Hudson founded the company and had never looked back. Don Ressler is the mind behind the company and Kate Hudson, is the actress and daughter of Goldie Hawn, and is the visible face and body of the company. Adam Goldberg rounds out this very successful company that has made a fortune from the changing athleisure clothing market. This fashion trend has allowed women to choose clothes that can be worn to the gym or spa, and are so comfy that the clothes can be worn casually and are even seen at more formal occasions.

Women have been conditioned to be seen fully coiffed and dressed to the nines, but now they are revolting from this established image. Fabletics is helping them by offering new styles available by subscription. This subscription service is a brilliant concept. The teaser is to receive the subscribers first $49.95 outfit for only $10. Each successive month they can cancel the selected outfit or accept it by doing nothing. If they cancel the selection, the subscriber is still charged the $49.95 which remains as a store credit to be used anytime for any purchase.

The company has revolutionary plans for the future. Their idea is to open brick and mortar stores around the country to display their brand of athleisure and to further encourage women and now men to become subscribers. The bulk of sales will continue to take place online in the electronic marketplace.

Don Ressler has worked his magic before at JustFab where he and Adam Goldberg joined forces in 2010 and hired on Kimora Lee Simmons as President and Creative Director. JustFab has grown rapidly to 10 million subscribers by 2013.

The funding for JustFab represents a new conceptual focus on new company funding that is based on the potential of the firm and the reputation of the management staff. JustFab and its offspring Fabletics have surged into the consumer’s eye and will remain as established profitable companies well into the future.

For more information or to join either JustFab or Fabletics: http://www.justfab.com/, http//www.fabletics.com/

Don Ressler has in a small way assisted a generation of women to find a healthy lifestyle and to help them to make a personal fashion statement. http://www.fundacity.com/don-ressler/