Jeunesse Global focuses on creating entire generation that can defy effects of age

Few people in the world have what it takes to create a lasting, successful business. Even fewer have the skills to start a company from scratch and take on some of the biggest names in the corporate world. But such is the case of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the Florida couple that founded Jeunesse Global in 2009.

After attempting to accustom themselves to the lifestyle of the newly retired, Ray and Lewis both realized that they were not cut out for the boredom of retired life. The call of the fast-paced world of entrepreneurialism and business began calling them back into its grasp. Before long, the serially entrepreneurial couple had founded yet another company. This one they dubbed Jeunesse Global, in reflection of the company’s mission to promote youth-enhancing products throughout the world.

From the start, Lewis was able to quickly begin developing revolutionary products that were designed to fill market niches that had been left unattended by the biggest names in the health and beauty industry. At the same time, Ray began recruiting some of the top product distributors throughout the world, bringing on board direct-marketing superstars throughout the East Asia region and elsewhere. Combined, these factors caused the newly formed company to explode in a supernova of growth.

Both Ray and Lewis knew from the company’s inception that they wanted to do something special with Jeunesse. The couple, then in their 70s, had already attained great wealth and had built several highly successful businesses throughout their long and successful careers. With Jeunesse, they were looking to make a statement that would serve as a capstone to lives spent creating great companies.

Part of the mission of Jeunesse has always been to create what Ray and Lewis refer to as Generation Young. This is a name the couple has given to the first generation ever that will have the advanced anti-aging tools and techniques at their disposal to completely avoid some of the worst effects of aging for decades. Through its innovative products, like the Youth Enhancement System, Jeunesse is making Generation Young a reality, one revolutionary product at a time.

Medical Pioneer Mark Mofid

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Mark Mofid practices cosmetic surgery in the San Diego and La Jolla area. The skilled surgeon is on a mission to create safe cosmetic surgery practices. Because of his outstanding reputation, the doctor is among the finest surgeons in his area and a favorite amongst patients.

Mark Mofid’s offices are located in San Diego County. Him, his wife and a nurse form a hard-working team to treat the thousands of patients that visit the offices yearly. He has a lot of business advice to lend. He believes in starting small and organically growing. He has grown from a small two room office to being a leading surgeon in California.

Before Mark Mofid was an excellent physician pleasing clients with physical enhancements, he began his journey in medicine at Harvard University. He graduated from the prestigious university with honors. He went on to study at John Hopkins University. He has penned publications for various medical journals. He has been recognized at both national and international medical conferences. Beyond his formal education and training, the physician is very respected in the industry for his latest innovation.

Trained and very familiar with gluteal augmentation, Mark Mofid knew the way gluteal augmentation procedures were being carried out could be done better. His knowledge of the body’s skin and muscle systems caused him to see there was a better solution to implants. The physician researched and eventually developed a modern, safer implant alternative. The doctor’s invention has eased patients’ concerns about gluteal augmentation. The improved intramuscular positioning of his invention made for a more natural appearance. The implants have a low profile and have become a more preferable choice among surgeons and patients for gluteal augmentation.

A physician, innovator, personable surgeon are just a few words to describe Mark Mofid. Ultimately, his focus is on the health and happiness of his patients. He is very committed to bringing safety to plastic surgery. His invention and advancement in the gluteal enhancement industry will forever be recognized.

Dr. Dov Rand’s Bioidentical Hormone Treatments

Big pharmaceutical companies have long profited off of synthetic hormones. These chemicals, because they are not natural, are often rejected by the naturally occurring hormones produced by the human body. Dr. Dov Rand seeks to do away with synthetic hormones and replace them with natural bioidentical hormones.

Dr. Dove Rand is a graduate of the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. He is certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine as well as functional medicine. At his medical practice in West Orange, New Jersey, he performs psychiatry, physical medicine, and rehabilitation medicine.

Dr. Dov Rand chooses to use bioidentical hormones in his anti-aging treatments. These hormones are created by compound pharmacists who use only natural sources, such as soy. On a molecular level, these naturally derived bioidentical hormones are identical in every way to the naturally occurring hormones found in the human body.

Bioidentical hormones are seamlessly implemented into patients because they are not questioned or rejected by the body (Newjerseyivtherapy). They are natural, and so the body sees them as good hormones and uses them in the healing process.

Synthetic hormones, however, are not natural, and thus are often rejected by the body. These hormones are created in laboratories by chemically altering hormones on a molecular level. They are seen as unnatural by the body and are often rejected and not used for the healing process. Though ineffective, synthetic hormones are used by large pharmaceutical companies because they are patented.

Any product of naturally occurring process are not allowed to be patented, therefore bioidentical hormones are not patentable. Synthetic hormones are not natural and are patentable. This allows pharmaceutical companies to profit off of synthetic hormones, despite their low rate of success.

Dr. Dov Rand uses natural bioidentical hormones in his practices. He is a firm believer in the effectiveness of the scientific process, and because of this he only performs medical treatment that has been reviewed by a board of peers.