Bruno Fagali – Does Bruno Fagali tell stories too?

Bruno Fagali’s not just a lawyer. He’s a storyteller. Read a couple of his favorites below, in summary.

Bruno Fagali’s Favorite Story Summarized – by Bruno Fagali

A violent man’s dream goes too far after he takes matters into his own hands and finds himself needing grave help to save his marriage. He would never seek to expose her to any deadly force, much less one that was supposedly “inanimate”. He acts. He awakens to face his worst fears just a few seconds later, awaking his wife from the shrill scream that he releases, in turn. Scared but extremely relieved, he had just seen the worst of things but knows it was only a dream – at least the part about the chandelier.

The aged wood beaded chandelier, in the dream and in reality, was often a beautiful focal point for the couple to gaze upon and find a form of instant relief. This time around, the beaded chandelier had taught Joe one of the most important lessons in life he’s never forgotten. The lesson was short but sweet, and it came – no less – in the form of a ten-minute dream: Life is too short to spend in fights and arguments. The talking chandelier taught Joe that as it spoke to him with threats to fall from the ceiling to end the quarreling.

Bronze Knight Story

There tells a tale in the Great Brazilian Countryside, one that is still remembered throughout the Great Western Brazil Regions today – that of the Bronze Knight. The Bronze Knight was known as a statue, but it was so much more than that alone: Some, in fact, claimed that it was one of God’s divine, supernatural gifts to mankind, especially to little children, “of whom belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Every day at 12:15 pm, little Ezekiel would touch the statue by his local garden – and find something beyond what words could express: the ability to see for a few moments at a time. He had asked God for a miracle every day.