BICSI Certification Earned By Securus Employees

Securus Technologies is a leading IT company that has some of the most advanced technical teams employed. They recently had eleven field workers earn the Building Industry Consulting Service International Installer 1 Certification. This certification is recognized internationally and is highly acclaimed by telecommunications companies everywhere. The training program that BICSI covers includes installing fiber optic cables, setting up wireless access technology, and installing other distribution systems. This is another huge step for Securus Technologies who already boasts of 100 plus patents, and company Vice President of Technical Operations Danny de Hoyos has commended BICSI for their in-depth program.



Securus Technologies services over 3,000 correctional institutions and has been in business since 1986. They have an incredibly intricate system that is installed in these facilities that always keeps law enforcement alert, and inmates connected to their families. Securus has voicemail for their phone systems, and inmates can purchase prepaid phone debit cards, or have their families billed on self-service accounts. With Securus’s ConnectUs program, inmates can use kiosks or company tablets to purchase allowed items, or file complaints electronically. Securus also has instant mail which works similar to email, and is scanned by THREADS to ensure no contraband is detected in the communication.


Inmates also have the privilege of visiting their families remotely through Securus’s video visitation software. Families can signup for this on the Securus Technologies website, and share moments from home with incarcerated loved ones. Securus monitors communications for any suspicious contacts or associates with Investigator Pro. This software comes programmed with biometric detection algorithms, including voice recognition to see if inmates are communicating with any known criminal syndicates, or persons on a wanted list. Securus XJail keeps all pertinent information managed and organized to keep facility workflow moving.