Betsy DeVos-A New Kind of Leader

Betsy DeVos is an American businesswoman and philanthropist, who has recently been nominated by President Donald Trump to become the new Secretary of Education in 2017. Mrs. DeVos was born in Michigan in 1958 where she attended Holland Christian School and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Political Science.

DeVos has spent her career as chairwoman of the Windquest Group, founded by her husband in 1989. The focus of this nonprofit group is investments in technology, clean energy, and manufacturing. Windquest also promotes the arts and its lifetime charitable giving was noted at $139 million, making America’s top list of givers.

President George W. Bush named DeVos to the Board of Directors of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 2004, and she served until 2010. She and her husband donated 22.5 million to continue the work to teach managers how to fundraise in 2010.

Betsy DeVos is well known for her support of school choice for parents. She believes the education system as it exists now, is broken and holds a monopoly on education. DeVos firmly asserts that the use of school vouchers would encourage parents to send their students to private schools with public funding. She served as Chairwoman for the board of Alliance for School Choice as well as the All Children Matter PAC. DeVos has also served on the boards of Advocates for School Choice, the Education Freedom Fund and Choices for Children.

In November, 2016-President Elect Trump announced Betsy DeVos as his pick for the new Secretary of Education in 2017. His decision was lauded by many notable Republicans such as Jeb Bush who called the nomination an “outstanding pick.” Ben Sasse, a U.S. Senator, said,”DeVos has made a career out of standing up to powerful and connected special interest on behalf of poor kids who are too often forgotten by Washington.” The Washington post applauded Trump’s willingness to look outside his circle of loyalists.

DeVos and her husband have been active in Republican politics, giving over 17 million dollars to support candidates since 1989.

She has been a credible source of political power and influence, making her a solid candidate for Secretary of Education in the new Trump administration. Her experience with education and close ties with important leaders enrich her promise for the position. Nomination hearings were scheduled for early January 2017.

Betsy DeVos has dedicated her political and professional life to raising money for the arts and her beliefs in school choice for families. President Trump recognized the leadership and potential in Mrs. DeVos when he searched for a strong leader in the field of Education for the United States. Observers feel sure she will be approved.

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