Berry flavored lip balm from EOS

Berry flavored products are popular all year long and lip balms are no exception to this rule. EOS, as one of the world’s leading major lip balm producers, has a whole suite of berry flavored lip balms that I dove into including their blueberry acai, strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, and raspberry pomegranate offerings.

EOS is one of the most popular lip balm makers out there for a reason; they produce the best quality lip balm on the market. Instead of using artificial flavors to flavor their lip balms they use only natural ingredients. Their products are mostly organic and are based in emollients that are better than those in the typical ones used by other lip balm makers which rely on petroleum jelly. EOS instead uses coconut and jojoba oil as their base to which they add vitamin e to provide added protection. More interesting articles to read here on

Trying the various berry flavored EOS lip balms was a joy. None of them tasted fake or fraudulent and had an authentic and unique flavor that was a joy to use. I had several favorites. While summer fruit has a strong blueberry flavor, there is some peach flavoring that shines through which provides a unique blend. Raspberry pomegranate and blueberry acai were enhanced by the pomegranate and acai flavoring for something different than a pure berry lip balm, and was worth trying. The acai had a truly different flavor that was complex and nuanced. You may also buy thses lip balm flavors here on

By far, the strawberry sorbet flavor was my absolute favorite. Manufactured strawberries are mass produced and don’t have the same flavor as those strawberries that are grown from seed in your garden. Most strawberry flavored products are even worse. But strawberry sorbet has a flavor that is just like a freshly picked strawberry in June. If you are a berry lover like me then you should head down to your nearest retailer and give it a try, buy now! It is truly berrylicious.