Alexandre Gama Never Settles In Drive To Top

     As a young copywriter, Brazilian Alexandre Gama dreamed of running his own agency. He worked for nearly a decade for Standard Agilvy & Mather before moving onto DM9 in 1990. Once there, Gama began to be noticed for his work and was even promoted to creative director. This move was rare for a copywriter but Gama’s drive made him yearn for more and he was just beginning.

After successfully leading Young & Rubicam for three years as CEO/COO, Gama began his own agency, Neogama, in 1999. The move was what he had dreamed of all those years ago and his work immediately became recognized worldwide. To date, the company has won numerous awards including 23 Golden Lions at Cannes and Gama is widely regarded for his work. Never one to settle, Gama continues to work just as hard today as he did when he began his advertising career way back in 1982.