Career Life of Robert Deignan in Digital Industry

Robert Deignan is CEO and among the founders of Advanced Tech Support (ATS). This is a digital firm that concentrates in providing digital services to various clients globally who deals with technology. There are numerous of digital-related services that are provided by ATS so that the customers and other users of technology can be able to benefit from their technology applications. Mr. Robert went to Purdue University and received a degree in Organization Leadership. He had worked with Miami Dolphins and NY Jets and later co-founded Fanlink Inc. Robert Deignan resides at Fort Lauderdale with his family.

Therefore, ATS is improving its services to serve its clients since it is aware that the technology is dynamic and it is highly embraced in the society. All the work that is done by Robert Deignan is satisfactory since he has been in the technology industry for years and working with prestigious companies made him to be well equipped for the job. It is a guarantee as a client you will be pleased by the services offered by ATS since they prioritize their customers.

ATS Digital Company has all the updated technology required for their services delivery that aligns with the demands of the clients. Also, all the staff members working at ATS are experienced and experts in the technology industry hence the services are top rated. Robert Deignan encourages teamwork among his employees so that they can be able to achieve remarkable results and share skills to handle various technological problems. ATS is fully certified by AppEsteem since it showed that it can provide supporting services to the software industry.

Robert Deignan has impacted the ATS in a significant way since it is leading in the digital industry. A lot of customers prefer to get their services from ATS since it has built a strong relationship with the customers and community. Some of the ideas that Robert has concerning his business comes when he is away from his phone and computer enjoying the nature. Therefore, it is essential for an entrepreneur to brainstorm more so away from your routine duties and you will be surprised with fantastic business ideas that you will get.

Bob Reina: You Should Do What You Want

Life is all about doing what YOU want, as long as it is legal of course and as long as no one is getting hurt. People are happy when they are living a life that is true to their core beliefs. Bob Reina sees that can happen when people finally take the plunge and join the wonderful family that is Talk Fusion. It has that kind of power and that kind of impact on the world. It is an award-winning video technology company, and it is life changing. There are not too many products out there that can claim that or say that. Talk Fusion is one of them, however. That is why they are unique and that is what sets them apart from the rest of the world out there.


One of the most satisfying feelings for people out there is living a life where they are able to do what they want to do and not what someone else has told them to do. When they are working for someone else, they have to listen to that person or they fear they will get fired. It is very scary for them. Even if what the other person has asked of them is not something they enjoy doing or get any pleasure out of, such as paperwork or just doing repetitive tasks, they have to do it. A lot of people go power hungry and they run crazy with power.


Bob Reina has a vision for the people out there that are using Talk Fusion. The vision is quite simple. He wants his customers to have their own companies and to do things their way. When someone finally gets to be in charge of their own company, they will feel all off the stress fall off their shoulders. They will know that, for once, they are in control of what is happening to them. They can change things, fix things, and make them better. Learn more:


They don’t have to live in the shadows anymore and they don’t have to hide. They can let the world see who they really are and what they have to offer from a business perspective. There are a ton of great ideas out there. They just need to see the light of day and they need to get the recognition they deserve from the public out there. When that happens, life changes for them in the most unexpected of ways.















End Citizens United Believes Rick Scott is Using PAC Money to Fund Campaign

End Citizens United has always stood firmly to make sure campaign finance laws are upheld by the Courts in the United States. Recently, a complaint against Rick Scott was filed by End Citizens United with the Federal Election Commission. According to the End Citizens United political action committee, Rick Scott’s funding for his political campaigning has been using a “super PAC” to raise funds. So far, around $78 million has been raised for his campaigns. While it may be completely legal for a PAC to raise and spend as money as it wants as long as it’s not directly associated with any individual campaigns, it is suspected that Rick Scott is using the New Republican PAC to raise money for his campaigns. In fact, he held the position of Chairman for the New Republican PAC before he began his run for Senate.

Adam Bozzi believes that Rick Scott does not care about the laws concerning campaign financing and is only following his own political goals for the Senate seat. It is possible that he is using this PAC to avoid having to disclose the donors to his campaign and so he can raise large amounts quickly. While Rick Scott’s representatives are all claiming that these allegations are not true, End Citizens United has presented documents that strongly suggest otherwise. Despite Rick Scott saying that he had not been working with the New Republican PAC, there is evidence that he has been active in the committee in the last few months. As late as January, their website still listed him as the Chairman of the PAC.

In 2015, End Citizens United was created in response to the actions that the Citizens United PAC was taking in court that allowed them to not have to reveal the sources of their funding. Up until this point, PACs were always legally obligated to do so. The decision made by the Supreme Court that allowed them to keep this information confidential was met with resistance. It was shown that most residents of the United States believe that PAC limitations should, in fact, be placed and sources should have to be revealed. Unfortunately, Citizens United has supporters behind them with a large amount of money and political power. The Koch brothers and Betsy Devos are just some of these supporters, this gives the Republican party an unfair advantage according to the Democratic party and other supporters.

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Bruno Fagali: Finding A Good Lawyer In Brazil

If you are searching for one of the most reliable lawyers in Brazil, consider Bruno Fagali. There are many law firms and legal advisors in Brazil and you need to choose one that has a good track record.

It is important to realize that you do not need to handle every aspect of your organization or business to achieve success. You need to get assistance from those who have knowledge and experience in areas that you’re weak in. You need a lawyer to review your legal structure and related areas and make recommendations. You’ll rest in knowing that your company’s legal issues are being handled properly, so you can focus on growing your business.

Lawyers typically offer free consultation for new clients, which makes it easy to research the various law firms and lawyers out there. It is extremely important request a free consultation and discuss with your potential lawyer before you ultimately enter into an agreement.

When you discuss with Bruno or other experienced lawyer, you will receive the advice or guidance you need to make a smart decision for your organization. In addition, the lawyer can help you draft and, when necessary, file your legal documents.

Without meeting or consulting with a lawyer, you could waste time and money dealing with someone who is not the right professional for your case. During a consultation with an attorney, you will be able to ask your questions, and determine whether or not you should hire the one.

Legal matters such as breach of contract and dispute with another entity, require the expertise of a powerful lawyer like Bruno Fagali. If you find yourself in a complex or difficult legal situation it’s imperative that you enlist the services of a renowned attorney like Bruno Fagali.

A goo lawyer will start by asking you about the background of your business or organization, to get a clear picture of what you’re dealing with. As a competent lawyer, Bruno Fagali takes the necessary steps to protect your rights and ensure that your company or enterprise operates legally, and successfully.