Dr. Mark Holterman’s Is A Life Well Lived

DDr. Mark Holterman graduated from the University of Virginia with a medical and immunology degree. As a pediatric surgeon, he has been a part of the staff at Children’s Hospital at OSF Healthcare for several years (http://peoria.medicine.uic.edu/departments/surgery/surgery-faculty/name/mark-holterman/). In his capacity as a surgeon, Dr. Holterman has been instrumental in restoring good health to countless little ones. However, he has always had a strong desire to join with other medical professionals in improving and advancing the health care industry for the benefit of patients and their families.

He teaches other doctors how to be surgeons and how to best treat the medical problems of children at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He also works tirelessly on research, in the pursuit of better ways to manage and even cure such childhood nightmares as diabetes and cancer.

The University of Illinois College of Medicine, where Dr. Holterman teaches, recently implemented the Programs of Clinical Excellence by way of their Pediatrics Department. The team that makes the program work are dedicated to making sure that pediatric patients and their families receive the benefits of extensive research into cures for childhood diseases. They encourage education and preventative actions and are laser focused on making sure that children are treated with respect and compassion.

As a member of the board of directors for TargaCell, Inc., Dr. Mark Holterman has seen amazing progress in the area of stem cell therapy. The company developed a way to target specific organs when administering adult stem cells. The Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapy was co-founded by Dr. Holterman.  Instead, he relies on fetal stem cells obtained because of miscarriages to do his research.


The Ambitions of Jorge Moll

Appreciation for the inner workings of the human brain led Jorge Moll to achieve his educations in neuroscience. Jorge Moll graduated from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He completed his neurology residence there and went on to achieve several other post doctorates in the same field of expertise. Degreed in Human Physiology at The University of South Paulo in Brazil, he also earned a post-doctorate when he studied at The National Institute of Health. He is accredited to his current research which focuses on an in depth grasp in areas of neural basis of behavior and moral cognition neuroscience.

Apart from primarily being a neuroscientist, Jorge Moll is the founder, director, and coordinator of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) located at D’Or Institute for Research and Education. D’Or or(IDOR) is a non-profit institution that focuses on scientific and technological progress in the areas of intensive medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, oncology and neurosciences (Impressaocerta). CBNU is widely known with an honorably ranked diagnostics and imaging laboratory. At CBNU, Jorge Moll’s research and discoveries are vital to the successes of new developments and discoveries in neuroscience. His implementations contribute to the developments in the areas of neuroscience and how it it deals with the anatomy, biochemistry, molecular biology and physiology of neurons. Furthermore, his research also lends in depth analysis with focus to social psychology, moral emotions and antisocial behavior through clinical and neuropsychological studies in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders.

Jorge Moll is quoted with stating that his idea to open the neurological research unit stemmed from his dream and passion to cultivate world-class research, education and health care in his home country. He holds true to his fantasy of the 21st century’s accomplishments as new discoveries of gene therapy, regeneration treatments become revolutionary. Some of his prestigious memberships include: The Brazilian Academy of Science, International Neuroethics Society, Organization for Human Brain Mapping and Society for Neuroscience. With his highly esteemed reputation and numerous affiliations and accomplishments, Jorge Moll sets a high bar as he continues to embark on new discoveries and achievements.


Conor Lamb and End Citizens United Set Sights on Sweeping Change in PA Special Election

     The resistance is spreading and now Pennsylvania may be in its crosshairs. Since the election of Donald Trump, Republicans nationwide have been struggling to hold onto their seats at the state level. President Trump’s historically low favorability ratings have led to 35 state seats flipping from red to blue, compared to just 4 flipping in the other direction. In Pennsylvania, we’ll see a young Democratic challenger in Conor Lamb face off against a seasoned military intelligence officer by the name of Rick Saccone. The traditionally red district could serve s a temperature test for the upcoming Congressional Midterms.

Conor Lamb, at just 33-years-old, will have to d what no progressive has been able to do in almost a decade: mount a serious challenge for a Congressional seat in the 18th District of Pennsylvania. The special election will be held on March 13th in a district that President Trump managed to win by 20% during the 2016 Presidential Election. Despite these unlikable odds, Conor Lamb may have better odds than you might otherwise think. For one, trends show progressives getting out to vote. Secondly, Conor Lamb scored an endorsement from one of the most passionate progressive groups in the nation — End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee that was established just two years ago. The political action committee scored its name from the 2010 Supreme Court case revolving around a conservative group named Citizens United. Citizens United, led by a lawyer named James Bopp, essentially argued that corporations were people and that they should be allowed to exercise their right to spend as much money in the form of political donations. The decision was controversial but it still made its way through the Supreme Court, thus permanently wedging a door by which lobbyists could pour into Washington D.C.

End Citizens United makes it their habit to endorse candidates who are willing to stand tall and fight to introduce legislation to overturn the Citizens United decision. Conor Lamb’s decision to champion campaign finance reform allowed him to tap into the progressive fever that is sweeping through the nation. Lamb will have to fight to overcome a traditionally red district and he’ll be also fighting against the President himself. President Trump recently endorsed Rick Saccone while urging other top Republicans to put time and effort into supporting his campaign. From these actions, it is clear that Republicans are reeling from progressive momentum.

See https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/04/how-to-reverse-citizens-united/471504/.

Jorge Moll’s Success Does Not Go Unnoticed

Jorge Moll has always been passionate about helping people. Jorge Moll assists people who suffer from conditions that affect their lives. Today he is the president and board member of different research groups which are top-ranked medical units. Jorge Molls achievement comes from a vast experience he has acquired from his medical field (Diasdacruz).

Jorge Moll has a vast record in the medical field. He has a medical degree in neuroscience which he received from Rio de Janiero in Brazil. Jorge Moll also received his PhD degree in experimental pathophysiology from Sao Paulo University. Besides his established career Jorge moll is a real family man that lives in Rio de Janiero.

Jorge Moll is involved in research in neuroscience medicine. Jorge Moll took a study to know where in the brain it feels so good when one is giving. Surveys asked people to make donations and study the physical changes. Jorge Moll with the researchers pinned down these results to the daily behavioural changes of the people’s involvement in charitable work.

During their study, they felt that selfishness can feel good. Jorge Moll and other researchers found out that no one has evidence that animals have moral obligations like people. Animals though can sacrifice its interests for other animals.

Jorge Moll is passionate about education and health care in his home country Brazil. Jorge Moll’s days are busy. He covers multiple topics where he speaks with various people from different organisations, his staunch belief being that it is okay to exchange ideas.

Jorge Moll has frequently failed in the most of the businesses he has done. His take is that if one can work on their strengths and weaknesses, the strategy would be beneficial. Jorge Moll also beliefs in that people can change and positively impact lives just by only doing things they love to do.

See Profile : https://www.facebook.com/rededor/posts/1334904043202840

Dr. Mark Holterman, Innovative Pediatric Surgeon and Global Businessman

Dr. Mark Holterman is a world-renowned pediatrician and pediatric surgeon who has saved the lives of countless children. A staunch advocate of stem cell therapy, Dr. Holterman is currently Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Illinois Medical College, and he also serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Mariam Global Health.

Mark Holterman grew up in Wisconsin as the child of two parents who had never had the opportunity to go to college. He was an exceptional student in high school, so exceptional that faculty encouraged him to apply to Yale University. He eventually received his degree in Biology from Yale before graduating from the University of Virginia Medical School, and while studying at Virginia, Mark discovered his passion for pediatric care and surgery, which sparked his desire to become a pediatric surgeon.


The Innovative Study

In recent years, Dr. Holterman has dedicated himself to researching innovative medical treatments, particularly in the field of regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine focuses on restoring the function of organs and tissues that have been damaged and won’t respond to more traditional forms of therapy (Medicaldailytimes).

Stem cell therapy is one of the cornerstones of regenerative medicine, and Dr. Holterman, who has long been an advocate for increased stem cell therapies, currently conducts extensive stem cell research, at the University of Illinois. But Dr. Holterman has also spent his time researching other forms of regenerative therapy, particularly new and innovative methods of fighting cancer and diabetes. In recognition of his contributions to the field, the American Diabetes Association honored him with their Innovative Research Award.

Mark Holtermann is perhaps best known for his philanthropic work, which has been focused primarily on providing pediatric care to children in underprivileged areas. During a trip to his wife Ai-Xuan’s home country of Vietnam, Mark and his wife were appalled at the state of pediatric care, and thus they helped to create the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. This foundation focuses on improving conditions in Vietnamese pediatric hospitals, as well as making pediatric care more accessible in general by providing more hospitals and more pediatricians. Dr. Holterman also founded the Hannah Sunshine Foundation, a non-profit that provides regenerative treatments to children suffering from rare, life-threatening chronic conditions.


Jorge Moll: The Science and Depth of Morality

Philosophers and Theologians have been pondering and discussing the world, the universe, society and our place in it for centuries. They often do this by asking many abstract yet impactful questions. Jorge Moll a neuroscientist at the National Institutes of Health is using science to answer some of the same questions. His studies are attempting to find the roots of morality and it’s role in people by studying the brain.

Jorge Moll took a group of volunteers and scanned their brains as they were presented with a scenario of either to donate an amount of money to charity or pocket the sum instead. Jorge Moll conferred with his colleague Jordan Grafman that the results showed that when volunteers chose to be generous a primitive part of the brain usually activated by food or sex lights up. This suggested that altruism was programmed into the brain to be pleasurable. This finding makes science an interesting new voice in the discussion of morality and defining what is good (https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/estudo-de-jorge-moll-comprova-que-cerebro-processa-valores-como-altruismo,222c41e0b2edf079d2bdd47da28602f1mw2nokus.html). It also lends itself well to theologic teachings like that of the bible that ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’.

Many studies like that of Jorge Moll using brain scans with psychological experiments are beginning to show aspects of morality are built in and came about through an evolutionary process originating in other species. As more is learned research increasingly shows that morality is founded in a creatures ability to empathize with another. This can be linked to the human concept of right and wrong.

While these findings can help support optimistic philosophical and theological ideas some are concerned that morality becomes diminished to an evolutionary survival mechanism. Studies like those done by Jorge Moll definitely link emotions as central to moral thinking and forming of intuition. This poses many dilemmas on how to judge morality. Questions that were once left in a spiritual mystery are now presenting a challenge to the foundation of how we live our lives.


Perry Mandera Guides Enterprise to Greater Heights

Perry Mandera steered The Custom Companies to profitability and success for more than three decades. His company emerged as one of the most dependable providers of logistics that operates in Illinois notably North Lake.


Three Essential Technologies

Perry Mandera chose three technologies to ensure the success of Custom Companies. Cheetah Dispatch refers to that innovative app enabling company drivers to access relevant information including computerized pick-up schedules as well as proof of delivery papers. Each driver uses a tablet with satellite tracking giving the company real-time monitoring of all deliveries reducing unwanted documentation.

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) works with the firm’s picking and packing as well as fulfillment service. Through the WMS, clients can monitor inventories easily and view their cargo as soon as Custom Companies receives the consignment. The Dock Management System prescribes the industry benchmark for the systems in dock management. DMS indicates a paperless approach and utilizes distinct bar codes assigned to individual shipments.


Importance of Charity

Perry Mandera does not forget or ignore the virtue of generosity. His company also took the lead in giving away money through Custom Cares Charities to disadvantaged families in winter. Mr. Mandera also made arrangements for the donation of coats to needy people in the metropolitan area of Chicago. This effort represent’s Perry Mandera’s philanthropy and one way of returning blessings to the community which remains part of the organization’s culture.

Read: https://affiliatedork.com/perry-mandera-mercy-home

Disaster Assistance

Perry Mandera also helped Washington which suffered damages and destruction from hurricanes in 2013. He made arrangements for Custom Companies to transport food supplies and other necessities to the victims. Perry Mandera’s company sent several truckloads of food and essentials to residents of Katrina-ravaged Louisiana and Mississippi. Aside from personal donations, Perry Mandera gave additional funds to buy what the affected families needed for this benevolent donation campaign.

Perry Mandera founded Customs Cares Charities to support organizations involved in charitable work. The business owner and philanthropist from Illinois takes pride in advocating a charitable cause and diverse groups of different charity entities. He remains active in sports and other youth endeavors.



Dr. Mark Holterman Tries to Bring Peace to the Children of Vietnam

The world is in desperate need of Heroes, and while superheroes don’t necessarily really exist, real heroes do in the medical field. Everyday these individuals who have spent years of their life in medical school, go the extra mile in order to save a life. In the case of children were in dire need of help in Vietnam, there is one pediatrician who needs to call and it far exceeds what is asked of him. This particular man’s name is Dr. Mark Holterman. Dr. Holterman started his exceptional career in Wisconsin. Eventually Holterman would decide to go to Yale to continue his college experience, and majored in Biology at first. Through a series of events that would change his life, he eventually became a pediatrician and started his practice at the University of Washington’s children’s hospital, and then eventually moved to Quebec to continue his practice there. He has Decades of experience under his belt, something that has saved hundreds if not thousands of lives (Dialdish).

What makes Mark Holterman different than other doctors is his dedication to individuals outside of America. During a trip with his wife to Vietnam he noticed that there was a severe shortage and pediatricians in the country. He has made it his personal mission to provide excellent medicine to the children of Vietnam by supporting training a Vietnamese doctors and also setting up mission trips to the country. The name of this program is IPSAC-VN. The organization that Dr. Mark Holterman has created in Vietnam has made a lot of changes, including updates in medical technology that are continuing to be added to Vietnamese hospitals. A startling fact about how hospitals work in that country is the idea that infections are rather rampant. Holterman not only seeks to eliminate this threat completely, but has already almost met his goal. Since IPSAC-VN is still a new corporation it’s still unknown exactly how far it will be able to reach. They are doing incredible things but who knows exactly how far they’ll go. Only time will tell.


Jorge Moll Works with Other Neuroscience Professionals to Further Explain the Science of Doing Good

During the holiday season of 2004, model Petra Nemcova experienced the tragedy of her life when she and her fiance Simon Atlee were vacationing in Thailand. This was the year that the tsunami devastated the country, and Nemcova lost her fiance during this natural disaster. She was also badly wounded. Her pelvis was severely fractured and doctors were shocked that she wasn’t paralyzed.

After one of the worst experiences of her life, Petra returned to the site of the tsunami less than a year later after losing the love of her life and having to recover from serious injuries. Scientists say that Nemcova’s choice is due to the biological tendency the humans have to be charitable toward one another. Neuroscientists like Jorge Moll even assert that when humans do good things for each other, the pleasure center of the brain is activated, which is also what happens when humans engage in sex or have a delicious meal.

We learn from a very early age that “it’s better to give than to receive.” From the time we are toddlers, we are conditioned to share with others and to make sure that we lend a helping hand to those in need. However, it’s quite possible that giving goes much deeper than that. When people go back to the place where they nearly died or lost someone they love, the way Nemcova did, it seems that the tendency to do this would innate and not just emotional. Petra decided that she wanted to help others who had been through the same type of devastation, when it would have been much easier for her to remain in the comfort of her own home once she physically recovered.

Moll and his colleagues did a study in 2006 that indicated that people were happier when they donated a sum of money to someone else than when they kept the money for themselves (pt-br.facebook.com). This was even the case for people who thought they would be happier if they kept the money. This further indicates that humans have a biological tendency to give because of the psychological and mental benefits, which could mean that being charitable is actually a basic need.




Jorge Moll: The Brazilian Doctor That Cares

In the article If It Feels Good To Be Good, It Might Be Natural, Shankar Vedantam talks about how Moll and Grafman’s “an experiment has lead researchers to believe that the moral compass, is although hardwired, varies from person to person” (2007). For one reason or another people realized that they couldn’t continue through generations, fulfilling urges that propelled them. Instead they considered, for the survival of their groups, that they had to learn how to respect each other consistently. Out of this, morality came into fruition. Jorge Moll and Grafman were both surprised by this. In Vedantam’s article where he continues, “Altruism…was not a superior moral faculty that suppresses basic selfish urges but rather is basic to the brain, hard-wired and pleasurable”, is as stated earlier a natural pattern of people (crunchbase.com). It’s surprising that Jorge Moll had not stumbled upon this a little earlier as a researcher. Nevertheless, let me introduce you to Jorge Moll.

A lover of neurology, Jorge Moll, the neuroscientist, is always debriefing himself and producing work in this area of expertise as if it were no man’s land, with full reign over it. He has produced so much work that one of his articles fell just shy of being cited 1000 times. And, hailing from The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Jorge Moll has studied a multitude of medical disciplines, garnering him a degree in neurology, and a Ph.D. in Paraphysiology a few years later. He continues to go beast by staying goal oriented, positively motivated and strongly stressing the pursuit of optimal health. With that being said he’s a healer of sorts, beyond fiction.