Ricardo Tosto and the Road to Success

Law is not the kind of career everybody chooses because it is riddled with difficulty and challenges. One of the things people don’t know about is how complicated law is. It looks comfortable from the sidelines, but once you immerse yourself into the world, you understand how hard it is. Ricardo Tosto is a person who shows that it is worth pursuing a career in law. It is important to recognize his name because he is one of the talented ones. Recognising a talent is one of the most important things in the business world.

People like Ricardo Tosto who know how legal world works can give their better advice than other companies. It is important to recognize how legal aspects correspond to other parts of life. Ricardo Tosto understands that the company must evolve as much as the world changes,

Innovation and upgrading is not an easy task, but people like Ricardo Tosto know that changing with the time is one of the most. It is Important for people to understand that they can also be protected in front of the law. This understanding gives people a perspective of how talented Ricardo Tosto is because he can defend individuals and companies.

Ricardo Tosto is inspirational because young people see what he went through and they have more of an understanding of how law and the judicial system work and it offers people a better perspective. Ricardo Tosto is an individual who knows how the personal and the business world work and he is ready to expand on this idea. In the end, it does not matter how convinced the convictions are. It is not an easy task to go through the ups and downs of the law.

Ricardo Tosto is a professional who knows how important a just sentence is compared to others. In the end, the consensus means that understanding, wisdom, and knowledge are the most important aspects of life and Ricardo Tosto knows it better than anybody else. Therefore, Ricardo Tosto is one of the leading specialists to consult when people are not sure of the outcome.

Bruno Fagali – Does Bruno Fagali tell stories too?

Bruno Fagali’s not just a lawyer. He’s a storyteller. Read a couple of his favorites below, in summary.

Bruno Fagali’s Favorite Story Summarized – by Bruno Fagali

A violent man’s dream goes too far after he takes matters into his own hands and finds himself needing grave help to save his marriage. He would never seek to expose her to any deadly force, much less one that was supposedly “inanimate”. He acts. He awakens to face his worst fears just a few seconds later, awaking his wife from the shrill scream that he releases, in turn. Scared but extremely relieved, he had just seen the worst of things but knows it was only a dream – at least the part about the chandelier.

The aged wood beaded chandelier, in the dream and in reality, was often a beautiful focal point for the couple to gaze upon and find a form of instant relief. This time around, the beaded chandelier had taught Joe one of the most important lessons in life he’s never forgotten. The lesson was short but sweet, and it came – no less – in the form of a ten-minute dream: Life is too short to spend in fights and arguments. The talking chandelier taught Joe that as it spoke to him with threats to fall from the ceiling to end the quarreling.

Bronze Knight Story

There tells a tale in the Great Brazilian Countryside, one that is still remembered throughout the Great Western Brazil Regions today – that of the Bronze Knight. The Bronze Knight was known as a statue, but it was so much more than that alone: Some, in fact, claimed that it was one of God’s divine, supernatural gifts to mankind, especially to little children, “of whom belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Every day at 12:15 pm, little Ezekiel would touch the statue by his local garden – and find something beyond what words could express: the ability to see for a few moments at a time. He had asked God for a miracle every day.

EOS Lip Balm Reviews Of Vegan Lip Balm Is The Hottest Thing On The Market Right Now

Are you always looking for something to add to your beauty collection but can never find something that is unique or worth shopping for? If you said yes, you need to check out the new vegan collection from EOS. Sure, it’s lip balm, not totally a beauty product but something that you must have in your purse. If you look to the stars to see what they are wearing and want to have the same things they carry in their purses, you want to purchase EOS vegan lip balm.

Based on usmagazine.com, many stars have been photographed removing items from their purses and each one of them love their lip balm flavors. The audience loved them prior to the removal of specific ingredients but since they have taken the beeswax out of the lip balm, they are even more popular than they once were.

If you think back to many years ago, you run into the store to purchase new lip balm and were forced to choose from original to cherry. The couple choices you had available to pick from were Chapstick to Burts Bees. Now EOS is a leading contender for lip balm.

Now when you walk into the store to pick up lip balm, you can choose any flavor that you want as there are countless choices from EOS, view this review now! If you want a different flavor for each day of the week, that is also possible. There is no specific one that you have to pick from. During peak seasons, like holidays, there are even more flavors to choose from. If you find that you love those flavors the most, you want to purchase them while you can because once the holidays are over, those specific flavors will retire until the following year. That is why people love EOS so much. They love the choices they have along with the fact that they are healthier for you than most other brands of lip balm.

Click and learn more, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRY7C3LEFeM.


EOS Vegan Lip Balm

The New EOS Vegan Lip Balm

When EOS came out with their incredible sphere shaped lip balms everyone went crazy over them, and just when you thought they couldn’t get better they came out with a new vegan products! The new Vegan lip balm from EOS was a huge success instantly, read related article here on frenchtribune.com. This lip balm is not only vegan but it is also clear, which looks amazing. It comes in two different flavors that are Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus peach. It was made with natural oils and products such as shea butter, avocado, and coconut. There are only seventeen different ingredients in this lip balm and it is animal by-product free, more insights here. It launched on August the fourth and it sold out on the exact same day. This new vegan lip balm is already a huge success.

Great deals here on costco.ca.

EOS was definitely a shocker when it hit the stores. People were used to the old cylindrical tube lip balms with two basic flavors. When they seen the unique sphere shaped pastel lip balms they instantly fell in love with the product. Not only did this new lip balm look amazing it smelt amazing too. It comes in several different delicious scents. EOS products were displayed all over magazines and social media. People absolutely love this cute little product. The creators wanted to make an unforgettable product that made their customers smile and they did just that!

Check out https://www.facebook.com/eos/ for more great news.


Rick Smith CEO Securus Championing Success and Service

Securus Technologies, a top provider of technology-based solutions for public safety and criminal and civil justice received emails and letters from correctional facilities across the US. The letters appreciated the company’s innovative products and services that enable the institutions to function more efficiently. Securus CEO, Rick Smith, is optimistic about the value of the company and the impact it has had to date. Rick says that the organization engages in the development of new products and services at least once a week to help curb crimes and other social problems. The feedback received from product users asserts Securus commitment to prioritize public safety.

Richard Smith is an Electrical Engineering graduate from the State University of New York, Buffalo. He furthered his education at the State University of New York and the University of Rochester earning a master’s degree in engineering and an MBA respectively. Rick then worked with Global Crossing North America Inc. from 1972 and rose to Chief Information Officer. Rick joined Eschelon Telecom Inc. in 1998 and was appointed Chief Financial officer. Later in 2000, Rick became president of Eschelon Telecom, a position he held until 2003 when the company promoted him to CEO. During his reign as CEO, the company revenues grew to $350 million from 30 million dollars. In 2005, he oversaw the initial stock offer to the public by Eschelon Telecom and read full article.

In 2008, Rick became president and CEO of Securus Technologies. Six months later he was appointed Chairman of Securus. At Securus, Rick has been instrumental in steering the company to a market leadership position and increasing its competitive advantage. The company has managed to oust most of its competitors by diversifying its products and services offerings. Over the last five years, the company channeled more than 600million dollars to acquisitions and investments in patents and technology and what Rick Smith knows.

Rick joined Securus when it was an inmate telecommunication company. Today the company offers other services including payment services, inmate educational and entertainment solutions, biometric analysis, monitoring and investigation solutions among others. Securus enables over 400 million calls a year to inmates and serves over 3450 correctional and public safety facilities and over 1.2 million prisoners. In 2015, he led the acquisition process of JPay which he also heads. Rick has also created a collaborative culture that focuses on excellent product and service delivery and resume him.

It has taken dedication, hard work and teamwork to for Rick Smith to register such success. Rick Smith received the 2017 Gold Executive of the Year award from the Golden Bridge Awards. The Securus team also bagged four other awards this year from the Golden Bridge Awards including a gold Lifetime Achievement award, and the gold Support Department of the year award. The Golden Bridge awards recognize the top performers, products and services, innovators, executives and managers, women business leaders, the best departments and Rick Smith’s lacrosse camp.

Other Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies

Fabletics Lay Down Plans to Design plus Sized Women Sportswear in 2017

Fashionable or affordable is the question that many women ask when it comes to choosing athletic wear. Fashion designers have not been able to find the balance between the two in solving women athletic wears. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg became keen with these women trends in 2010 when they realized that the industry might remain high all the time. On realizing this untapped potential, the dynamic duo launched Fabletics with the aim of creating good-looking wears that are affordable, functional and fashionable.


Contrary to the prevailing market trends, the duo decided to focus on what women wanted as opposed to what is fashionable. Through focus groups and consumers tests, they were able to uncover the biggest problem that women had been facing in the sportswear industry. The traditional women sportswear was expensive and ill-fitting. Moreover, the quality was poor making the wears uncomfortable. This meant that only the wealthy class could afford quality women sportswear.


Incorporating Kate Hudson


When Don Ressler brought in Kate Hudson, it was the beginning of a restructuring journey. Many companies had failed to match different sizes of women with well-fitting sportswear. When the actress joined Fabletics, she served as the brand spokeswoman. Her duty was to sell the brand to the public. With her consumer communication skills and her experience and passion for media, she was brought in the firm as a co-founder. Since then, she has strengthened the brand’s online presence.


Some Major Challenges


During the early stages of the business, several problems engulfed the firm including funding. Don Ressler had to battle the challenge if success was to be achieved. Despite the challenges, Mr. Ressler succeeded in forming a brand that was both fashionable and functional. With some experience in the fashion industry, Ressler was able to match comfort, affordability, and style in Fabletics’ designs.


Why is Fabletics Unique


Fabletics has maintained a strong online presence and unmatched grassroots appeal, which makes the company, stand out from the rest of their competitors. Through the use of Kate Hudson conversational skills and magnetism, Fabletics has been able to utilize social media to reach a lot of people online. For instance, a client can subscribe as a VIP and pay a monthly subscription of $50 a month. In return, the client will be able to get discounted prices, reward points for purchases and free shipping.


Plans for 2017


As if this success is not enough, the Don Ressler Led firm announced that they would be working harder to expand their market share. Specifically, the company will be launching brands for plus size women. This might be a radical measure for the company as these clothes will give these plus size women to take care of their health and lose weight. http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/#.Wbw5M9FryM8

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Change Company Name

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are on a roll when it comes to clothing for women. These two have managed to create a great amount of interest in major websites like JustFab and Fabletics. These are sites that they have co-founded, and they have become quite popular with the female crowd.


Don and Adam started with Intelligent Beauty, and this is where people started to know about their work. They would be the ones that would branch out into many different areas. This duo made their way into working with cosmetics and they were quite successful with doing this. They have been able to float through the Internet on many different clouds of retail. When they did Intelligent Beauty they were catering to people that were looking for skin care products. When they were with MySpace they were dabbling in social media. Now they are taking on the retail clothing industry, and this appears to be the thing that has given them the most praise for there ability to lure consumers to affordable and stylish clothing.


There is certainly a great amount of excitement that comes with what this duo is doing. It makes sense for people to look at what is happening when it comes to

the work that they have done so far. They have always been very vocal about the way that they are building brands, and they are going into the next phase of online retail development by changing the name of their company to TechStyle.


Don and Adam both feel that this is much more representative of everything that they are doing with JustFab, ShoeDazzle and Fabletics. They believe that they are creating the type of brands that combine style and technology. They are heavily focused on the way that they are building a brand through an online market even though they are also venturing into physical stores with Fabletics.


Adam and Don are well aware of one thing that they are certain of. They know that it will be a challenge to attract more customers now that they have already built these brands, but they realize that it is going to be valuable to them to actually put in the time to market in a way that customers will be intrigued by what they have to offer. By combining all of their companies under one umbrella it makes it easier to promote their brand. http://rgtadvisors.com/bio/adam-goldenberg/

Livio Bisterzo and His Investment Legacy

     This article will explore actor Livio Bisterzo and his investment in a snack company Green Park. He did this with Livio Bisterzo the Chief Executive and Co-founder of Green Park. Recent investments from the owner along with a private equity firm based in equity and actor Leonardo DiCaprio is boosting up this company. The snack company is in the form of chickpea puff snacks. Last month the actor and the founder invested an amount that was undisclosed.

The company to date has raised an amount of $2.5 million. The last installment of this money came from angel friends and investors. Bisterzo had just predicted his company would obtain $11 million this year in wholesale. It was he who said Green Park would have the ability to get its product in stores quickly. This is partly due to his links and skill with the launch of two other brands of consumer goods.

The chip company can be found in stores all over the U.S. Also, it can be found in the U.K, where an office is located. It will be in two more in the U.S at the end of the year. A usual profit margin for the product is around 20 to 30 percent. The sales of the snack increased from October 16 2016 at 153 percent.

Now this article will talk about basic information about Livio Bieserzo. Bisterzo is an entrepreneur who is Italian. In the year 1999 when he was eighteen he moved to the United Kingdom. Three he attended the University of the Arts in London. In 2003, he experienced his first venture as an entrepreneur. This venture was a discovery of an Event Business.

He lives currently in Los Angeles, California during the creation of Green Park with his wife and three kids. In the year 2016, he established Green Park Holdings. This is a modern food innovation company during the rapid increasing sector of nutrition and health. The main objective of the company is to both build and create a portfolio with an obvious focus of natural proportions that are “Better for you.”

Learn more at http://runninglip.com/celebrity/livio-bisterzo-and-his-earth-friendly-snack-gain-support-from-leonardo-dicaprio/.

Todd Lubar of TDL Global Ventures Ltd Helps People To Access Fair Loans

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures Ltd. Successful as he may be, it is factual that becoming a successful business professional comes with challenges. That is why Todd Lubar is an admired figure in entrepreneurship. Just like life is a journey, business is too. Todd has defied all odds that come with execution challenges. The alumnus of Syracuse University majored in speech communication. This is a defining factor that explains his ability to incorporate business ideas through communication. His skills can be used to pave way for business in the ever fluctuating industry.


As the president of TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar leads a group of business prospects who need guidance in venturing into business. The professionalism he executes as a facilitator redefines leadership structures. With a huge client base that attracts investors, Lubar has a track record of experience that better places him in a position to offer proper customer service. His first job was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation when he graduated college. He was in charge of an executive position where he led in critical decision making. View Todd’s full profile on crunchbase.com.


Being visionary, Todd Lubar moved to Legacy Financial Group in Texas. He was in charge of key decision making. While serving, Todd garnered extensive experience and helped the company to grow to extensive levels. His duties as a manager paid out as in that year, the company made a revenue of approximately $100 million. Todd left Legacy in 2015. He was appointed as a vice president at Charter Funding, an affiliate of Magnus Financial Corporation. Delving into mortgage banking to assist people, Todd Lubar gained more skills. He built his career through these skills. Read more on patreon.com.


Presently, Todd Lubar is focused on helping people with accessing loans to fund their real estate businesses. With the understanding of how challenging getting a loan is, Todd thought it wise to venture into a business that helps people more than it yields profits. That is the genesis of TDL Global Ventures. With Todd Lubar in place, the company is set to grow into a life saver for most clients. Todd is an admirable leader. His focus and drive set him apart from other leaders.

Website: http://www.toddlubar.com/

A day in the life of Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder of OVME. The idea of starting this establishment came to him when he was serving in the medical aesthetics industry. He has worked in the medical aesthetics industry for more than a decade. Dr. Mark McKenna grew his practice to one of the best in the United States. He later sold it to a publicly traded company. During his time in the industry, he has observed so many disruptions and opportunities in the industry.

Dr. Mark McKenna says that his typical day starts very early in the morning. His first duty is to wake up his daughter with whom they take breakfast together. He then takes a shower and then heads out for his job. At his workplace, he stays up until in the evening when he heads home to take dinner with his family. This shows that he is a family man who is dedicated to role as the head of the family. After dinner, he heads out for Jiu Jitsu training. After that, it is supper and bed time. This daily schedule indicates a man who has a very good time management. He says that at the core of every successful entrepreneur is a good time management strategy.

Dr. Mark McKenna set goals that he should achieve within particular time frames. He believes in practicality and always makes sure that his ideas are feasible. He says that for one to achieve success, they have to underscore the role of meditation and goal setting.

Dr. Mark McKenna says that he is very happy about the decline of smoking habit in the United States. He is also an ardent reader. McKenna has never been employed and has always worked for himself. He draws his inspiration from the success of personalities such as Elon Musk, Barack Obama, and Michael Bloomberg. Dr. McKenna is married to Gianine and has a four years old daughter. He is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. He is also a former board member of New Orleans Jazz Festival as well as New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical practitioner in medicine and surgery. He is a graduate of the University of Tulane. School of Medicine. After graduating he went both into medical practice and entrepreneurship. He founded a real estate venture firm to address housing development issues in New Orleans.