Igor Cornelsen’s Ideas For Better Investing

Igor Cornelsen is a private investor who used to work for big banks but now only invests in stocks for his own personal fulfillment. Cornelsen is on several social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Yolasite where he provides updates on finances and foreign events. From time to time he might appear on a news show on CNN or another network, but he’s most often seen out on Miami’s golf courses. For those who don’t understand investing as well as Cornelsen does, he is willing to educate and give pointers towards building a good portfolio.


Cornelsen says investors should not simply buy stocks with the thought of getting rich overnight. If you invest in the right funds, you can see returns that compound to extremely high value, but you have to be willing to commit to them over a longer period of time. You also should look at stocks of companies that have repeatedly done well and recovered from setbacks. Things to pay attention to are how stable the company’s management is, how quickly their stock has climbed, or whether or not their stock is damaged. Cornelsen says its also good to buy multiple small stocks or mutual funds to keep your portfolio balanced.


Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian who has been investing in highly profitable funds for many years starting with his time at several big banks. He helped clients turn their Brazilian investments into highly profitable earnings and earned a great reputation for his financial knowledge. He also served as an advisor to the Brazilian government for economic policy. After many years of serving in this role, Cornelsen retired and began to spend more time at his vacation home in Miami.


Cornelsen does believe that investors should join Brazil and invest in their economy. To do so he says they need to familiarize themselves with the big banks and find out what kind of regulations they’ll be working against to do so. He also says they should consider making social connections in Brazil because the locals have generally been helpful to foreign investors over the years. https://about.me/igorcornelsen1

Paul Mampilly Leads the Pack once Again

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, so the saying goes. But, Paul Mampilly has a most wonderful talent for improving systems and methods of doing business that are not necessarily broken. That is why he sends out a monthly newsletter to more than 60 thousand subscribers, and the number is still growing.

Paul Mampilly’s “Profits Unlimited” newsletter is his masterpiece, but there are other services in his past that are equally impressive and have a hand in the success of his endeavors today. Spending two decades on Wall Street as a hedge fund manager working for ING, Kinetics International and Deutsche Bank is just one of the factors for his amazing skill set. Another factor is just simple natural talent.

That talent is what led him to win an investment competition hosted by the Templeton Foundation. The bottom line is that Paul Mampilly’s business smarts turned a profit during a time (the George W. Bush administration era) when going out of business, raising prices and outsourcing was the status quo. Under his direction, 50 million USD (United States Dollars) is an 88 million profit on the record books. Some would say that is a 76 per cent gain, in a time of serious recession, and a miracle of management.

Profits Unlimited is not even very old, but it is already showing steady signs of longevity. Banyan Hill Publishing is both very lucky and smart to have signed onto the Paul Mampilly’s project. The details of the publication are actually the best part. Every month, subscribers get the name of a new and personally chosen stock in which to invest. And, things only get better from there. Every week, Paul, updates and tracks one or two stocks that are in a model portfolio that is available on his website.

This business model stands the traditional method of overextending one’s self to invest for a slew of clients day in and day out on its head. Instead of taking on all of the responsibility of decision making and leaving clients with all of the risk, Paul Mampilly gives back the responsibility to his subscribers and assumes a position of authority and guidance. The really good news is that so far it works like a charm, for everyone involved.

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OSI Group Pays Special Attention to Food Safety

     One of the most important aspects of the food that is sold to people is the safety of the product. There are many cases when someone could consume something only to get some kind of virus or issue that is very painful. This is why OSI Group pays special attention to the food it sells to food service companies. For one thing, OSI Group engages in practices of food safety that surpass any other food company. They believe in making sure the food is clean and healthy. One thing they don’t want is for people to get sick from the food they give others.

While they are very thorough in their food safety practices, they are always looking for ways that they can improve on their practices so that they will be able to continue to serve their customers. They are also looking to bring improvements in different areas of their business. This is perhaps a the most important reason for people to do business with OSI Group. They never get complacent in any aspect of their food service. They always look for ways to grow. Therefore, they seek to form new partnerships with food service providers. They also want to form connections with experts in the food service industry.

The professionals of OSI Group are some of the hardest working people to come across. For one thing, they are always thinking about what they can offer their customers and how they can improve on their offer. After all, they really want their customers to be healthy. Even with fattening food, they do everything they can to make sure that their offers are clean and free of anything that can cause problems in anyone’s body. Different types of restaurants enjoy the thought that is put into the products that are offered.

Discover more at https://www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/.

Global Visionary Award Holder, Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin doubles as the Chairperson and the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC. He has made massive contributions to the meat and food processing industry since its inception. Currently, Sheldon serves as the president of OSI group as well as being part of the daily operation of the firm.

43 years ago, Lavin set the ball rolling on his career journey in the meat industry. It was a dramatic move that he made at the time he switched from his original job as an executive investor in the banking sector and abandoned the financial consulting firm that he owned. Since then, he has helped developed the small burger supplier into a world leading food supplier products.

While serving at the OSI, Sheldon Lavin created over 20,000 employment opportunities around the globe. He’s happy about the corporate culture he established along the ranks and the joy the employees show from it. The culture is described as family-oriented, committed and experienced workforce. Employees are the key success entities in the company, and they are valued.

The expansive nature of the firm towards offering excellent services to its customers has made it receive various recognition accolades, for example, the company boasts of several environmental awards.

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Lavin hopes that the incoming crop of leaders would be able to keep up the spirit of making the world a better place and perhaps improve on areas their predecessors left behind.

The OSI Chairman was awarded a Global Visionary Award from World Vision Academy in India. The award is given to specific individuals with high ambitions to make their dreams come to reality through persistent and consistent efforts seen around the globe. Lavin was an example of a person of an excellent track record going by the transformations at the OSI during his tenure.

The president of OSI Group derives a lot of pride from an achievement he considers as his greatest endeavors by raising three children together with his wife. Besides, he is one of the members making tremendous contributions to promote various charitable organizations like the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Sheldon Lavin also participates in giving back to the community.

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MB2 Dental Striving For Success In Dentistry

MB2 Dental provides a unique service for dental offices all over the United States. Their services provide dentists with management and resources that are developed to help them succeed inside the industry and make sure finances, equipment, and more are up to par with the quality in which they must maintain for success. MB2 Dental is a service that has been created for dentists and developed by highly qualified and experienced dentists who are all aiming to provide the same common goal in which they also had, to provide professional services that help people get the dental treatment they need and deserve without breaking the bank. MB2 goes out of its way to establish itself as a premiere managerial service for dentists, this is something that is typically lacking in the dental community and thus is a huge asset to providers across the country looking for better services to provide to their consumers. MB2 knows exactly what steps must be taken in order to find success and drive better results for dental practices. Read more news on epodcastnetwork.com.

Dental Associate Opportunities and More

MB2 Dental utilizes a widely educated team of professionals in order to help individual dentists realize the skills and dreams they are aiming to achieve. The team itself is comprised of individuals who have earned themselves a reputation of success within the dentistry industry. MB2 Dental provides a system of top of the line services with complete transparency in order to help provide individuals with the support needed to achieve success of their dentistry business. MB2 Dental’s online support has been programmed and crafted from the ground up to yield a rewarding experience.

By providing dentists with an abundance of growth and opportunities to become employed, recruiters working with MB2 Dental are able to yield amazing results that help individuals to achieve success beyond that of their every day working environment. MB2 goes out of its way to make sure that each individual is matched with someone who understands their full history and working needs to better provide an enriching experience based on the assets and skills in which the individual has acquired. Through the use of this program individuals increase their ability to perform inside a tough and competitive market place.

A Mantra of Success

MB2 Dental continues to forge forward with a strong view of success and growth. Their idea of cultivating an understanding of individuals and businesses makes them one of the best dental management services available. Focusing in on what makes a company succeed is a primary concern with MB2 and in every way they are able to bring a better sense of direction and understanding to a business and thus reel in higher profit margins for continued success. MB2 Dental provides one of the best premier services available within the dental health care industry, and their continued push for better success and healthcare management makes them an ideal option when it comes time to manage a business of an individual or owner. MB2 Dental knows exactly what is needed by everyone within the field.

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Young Entrepreneur Founds an Entirely New Type of Dating App

     One of the co-founders of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe has moved on to develop an entirely new dating platform that she bills as “100% Feminist” – Bumble.

Cofounded with Badoo‘s Andrey Andreev, who encouraged Whitney to stick to what she knows when she first began forming a new venture, the company is the fourth most popular dating platform (Tinder is #1). Whitney founded the company at the age of 24 in december 2014.

Her dating platform, like other similar apps, still utilizes the swiping controls of other apps, but has a twist: only women can make the first move.

Inspiring this change is the growing complaint that when men contact women on apps, they sometimes get very aggressive, insulting, and vulgar. Women flinch at verbal assaults disguised as icebreakers. The more outlandish propositions have even generated a sort of cottage industry on YouTube where comedy groups read graphic, NSFW conversations out loud

(men and women representing the original writers). Though some of the conversations are hilarious, reading them aloud really puts across how wildly inappropriate it is to speak to anyone this way, ever.

Thinking about the fact that men are traditionally expected to make the first move, a stressful situation, you can see how guys get frustrated. There are millions of users on these dating platforms, so one man alone can be rejected a TON of times a night, if he keeps at it. The resulting aggression defeats the entire purpose of the exercise.

In Whitney Wolfe’s female-first Bumble, women initiate all interactions. So rather than facing dozens of rejections a night, men get to be flattered at being chosen. Wolfe has commented that women who later actually meet up with these men on dates find them to be respectful, engaged, and genuine on the whole. Since whoever makes the first move sets the tone, having this female first restriction puts women in charge of laying the emotional foundation for the first and subsequent interactions, rather than being put into the place of reacting to a man’s advances. Men do not build up this aggressive resentment that leads to incredibly insulting, fruitless interactions, and women feel empowered and safe to choose a person they’d like to get to know.

Bumble has its base in Austin Texas, a choice that keeps them away from the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley, where the pressure to make appearances and compete with the boys can be distracting. Her central crew of six women focuses on making Bumble a platform where new connections – romantic or otherwise – are made in a friendly, with interesting people from all over in a happy environment with a bent towards spreading good feeling and positive energy.

Check http://www.macworld.com/article/3181873/sxsw/how-bumble-is-becoming-the-connection-queen-of-the-app-store.html for more.

David McDonald’s Involvement in Management and Sustainability of OSI Industries

     David McDonald is the president of OSI Industries and a native of Chicago. He is knowledgeable in the administration of the food industries. McDonald is a graduate of esteemed Iowa State University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree. He joined OSI Industries upon graduating college in 1987. McDonald has been working for this company for close to three decades. He is skilled in management, leadership, and human resource.

McDonald’s contributions at OSI Group

McDonald has been on the forefront when it comes to growing OSI Industries. OSI Industries is a food processing company that deals in meat products. This company has operations in China, Europe, and the United States. McDonald is tasked to oversee the company’s global network. He is also responsible for supervising and managing local management teams that ensure that these groups understand and produce foods with high tastes and cultures. OSI Group’s main centers of operations are in Aurora.

OSI Group is active in sustainability activities. This company is passionate about making positive impacts to the world. McDonald plays a huge role in ensuring that OSI Industries adheres to the environmental sustainability as well as maintain strong ties with the communities and people they contact. He also ensures that the company works within the economic, ecological, and social frameworks. According to McDonald, global supply chain and food industry sustainability are OSI Industries’ core priorities. He is also responsible for overseeing other sustainable activities such as:

  • Health and safety
  • Diversity
  • Employee development
  • Animal welfare
  • Production and agricultural practices

McDonald has also facilitated the company’s major transactions, such as the acquisition of Baho Foods, a Dutch-based meat processing company. This company has other subsidiaries including Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, and Henri van de Bilt. Baho also has plants in Netherlands and Germany. Based on McDonald’s statement, this purchase would give OSI Industries broader presence across Europe. He also added that Baho’s portfolio complements OSI Industries’ capabilities and strengths.

For more, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137.

The Future of EOS Lip Balm

For nearly one hundred years Chapstick has dominated the lip balm scene. It was a product that was commonly used by all ages, races, and sexes. As the years went by, other contenders jumped into the market one after another. This action created the current situations of saturation in this small sector of lip care, but Chapstick held it’s firms grip tightly. Soon another old staple would rise in the game and take Chapstick’s top spot to date. Burt’s Bees currently owns the crown, but just for how much longer? There’s a new rising star that’s making huge waves in this ocean of clutter and it goes by the name of (EOS).

Based on evolutionofsmooth.com, EOS which stands for “Evolution of Smooth,” is steadily moving up the ranks and is expected to be the industry’s leader within a few short years or maybe even sooner. It’s ranked second in sales behind Burt’s Bees it’s ability to sell over $1 Million units on a weekly basis. Evolution of Smooth resonates with it’s customers much more effectively than other brands as it appeals to the senses. This strategic principle gives the user a closer bond with the product and closer bonds are equal to bigger sales as it becomes an endeared product. Find more interesting story here on frenchtribune.com.

Success also comes from the use of celebrities. Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera have all been spotted applying this colorful product. The brand’s oddly egg shaped appearance grabs the attention as it lines the shelves of prominent retailors such as Target, Walgreens, Walmart, ULTA, and Lucky Vitamin, jump to this page. Evolution of Smooth success is no fluke and it’s strategic selective marketing plays a huge role in it’s growth. By the year 2020, this EOS lip balm is expected to around $2 Billion in sales which will predominantly make it the new king of the hill.

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Succeeding in Real Estate Investing; the Story of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is one of the most successful investors in the real estate industry. He has been in business for the past few decades and has managed to improve his investment portfolio. Unlike most of the investors that started out with him, when Todd was starting out, he did not have a lot of financial support. The only thing that he had going was great business ideas. When he looked at the investment options that he had at the time, he realized that real estate investing was one of the most lucrative and decided it was going to be his niche.

He got some training as a realty agent. Then, because he did not have the capital to go out on his own, he started collecting references and contacts within the industry. These included players such as realtors, property valuers, CPAs and many other professionals. These connections would eventually become very instrumental for him because he used them to start his first referral business.

The one thing that Todd usually says about business is that you know you are doing it right when you provide the client with a service that wasn’t open to them in the past. This is what Todd Lubar aimed to bring to the real estate investment sector. He had realized that there were many inequalities in the business and in particular, the fact that there were some people who did not have the privilege of accessing services such as mortgages. This became his target market. He looked for backing from the right financial institutions and started a mortgage lending business for people whose credit scores locked them out of the conventional mortgage market.

This is a move that has considerably paid off for Todd because over 7,000 individuals who were previously unable to get a home have been housed, all because of his efforts. Todd has managed to make the dreams of owning property come true for people who previously thought it was impossible. Besides his business and entrepreneurial exploits, he is also a family man. When Todd Lubar is not working, he either spends time at home with his family or takes part in various charities.

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Success Academy Is Recognized As The Winner Of The 2017 Broad Prize

Success Academy was established on a simple premise that every child can succeed at a remarkably high level. The organization has a network of 41 free, public schools. The institution was instituted in 2006 as the Success Academy Charter Schools. It ranks as New York City’s leading and highest performing free, public charter school network. Admission is open to all the children from the New York State, including English language learners and children with special needs. Students are admitted to the institution through a random lottery that is held in April of each year.

Success Academy runs 41 schools that serve 14,000 students in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan. Notably, 76 percent of the students across the network come from low-income households, 8.5 percent are present and former English language learners, and 15 percent are current and former special needs students. Children of color comprise about 93 percent of the total student population.

Recently, Success Academy won the esteemed Broad Prize for its accomplishment in closing achievement gaps. It was also recognized for improving academic performance for children of color and those from low-income families. The prize, $250,000, is given yearly to large charter management institutions. This amount shall be used for college readiness plans. The prize was presented to the institution in Washington, D.C. at the National Charter Schools Conference.

Eva Moskowitz, the CEO and founder of the Success Academy, said that she does not believe ZIP code have a say on the future. As she accepted the honor, Moskowitz reiterated her organization’s success. The executive said that she wanted to show what was achievable for children if they were willing to reinvent, re-imagine, and rethink schooling. Eva pointed out her plans to expand Success Academy to 100 schools catering for 50,000 students. According to her, the outcome of a network of that magnitude is similar to the Boston or Atlanta school systems. Additionally, she contended that schools should be places where children would love to go to even if they do not have to.

In addition, Moskowitz announced that Success Academy would inaugurate a digital platform to share its curriculum, pedagogy, training, and school design. The platform would also facilitate the sharing of other intellectual materials with different charters across the nation. A 10-member selection committee recognized Success Academy for its academic results and scalability.

College Admissions: What Every High School Scholar — and Parent — Should Know