Jason Hope Leads The Way From Scottsdale

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based investor, entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropic. He is passionate about technology and helping the less fortunate members of the society. In addition, Jason is interested in entrepreneurship. He has been involved in development politics both in the state of Arizona and nationally.

Creating a successful business is challenging, thus one should possess outstanding skills. For Jason, starting a business, launching a new idea, or creating a new product is the order of the day. With his many years of experience, he has been able to fine-tune his investment strategies to ensure that they work.

Jason has helped many upcoming businesses to find their foot and grow their business. His support to these entrepreneurs has been in the form of both business advice and financial investments. The executive knows the challenges faced by upcoming entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to life. His understanding of the industry has seen him for seniors in high school and college students, and providing them with grants to realize their noble ideas. His contributions have resulted in many technological breakthroughs. Jason encourages other individuals with great ideas to contact him for grants. The applications for the grants can be made directly through Jason Hope’s website.

Recent technological advances have shown that demand for IT would increase into the unforeseen future. From devices to cutting-edge software, technology has been able to influence how human beings carry out their daily activities substantially. With each new day, we continue to rely heavily on technology. Jason is helping in the realization of this future by being involved in the development of desktop software, gaming software, mobile apps, and other devices. Such developments have the ability to transform human lives.

Jason Hope is a passionate philanthropist who has participated in improving the welfare of other Arizona residents. He believes that in his position, he is responsible for chipping in and elevating the livelihood of other people. He contends that donating to community initiatives is his way of giving back to the society for the support that it has given him in the past. Jason has also worked with numerous humanitarian organizations in the past.

The philanthropist is an Arizona native. Jason Hope was born in Tempe where he spent his childhood. Jason Hope enrolled at the Arizona State University to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Finance. He is an alumnus of ASU‘s W.P. Carey School of Business where he earned his Master’s in Business Administration.

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The Active Involvement of Thor Halvorssen in the Human Rights Advocacy

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza is the founder of Human Rights Foundation and Oslo Freedom Forum. He draws his interests in human right advocacy from the wrongful imprisonment and torture of his father in a Venezuelan jail. The government securities also gunned down and wounded his mother in a peaceful public gathering in Venezuela. The two incidences have contributed in Thor’s interests in protecting the human rights in the United States and other countries. He is involved in the advocacy of individual and civil rights, public policy and interest, as well as fighting for democracy in the country.

The release of his father

In 1993, Thor Halvorssen led a campaign that sought the safety and release of his father from jail. He earned great support from numerous human rights advocates, public figures, and international organizations such as Amnesty International and International Society for Human Rights. The campaign succeeded with the release of his father on the Christmas Eve. Thor graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in History, Political Science, International Relations, and Romance Languages. At the University, he served as the legal advisor for the students charged at the university’s judicial system.

Career Information

The Venezuelan-based human rights activist and film producer began his activism in London. He led people in opposition to the South African apartheid in 1989. Thor Halvorssen was the previous CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education from 1999 to 2004. He currently serves as the President of Human Rights Foundation and the CEO and President of Oslo Freedom Forum.

The Human Rights Foundation

Human Rights Foundation started with the aim of protecting the rights and liberties of the Venezuelan citizens. He founded the company in 2005 after the shooting of his mother in the political protest. Additionally, the company keeps the information about the countries led in a dictatorial way, for example, North Korea, and Angola. In the past, he has used this information to address the various oppressions that are happening in the world.

Relationship with the Media

In 2005, he founded the Moving Picture Institute (MPI) in his quest to address the various social injustices in the world. Thor Halvorssen believes that media is the most efficient medium through which people get to learn lessons on their rights. The institute has given grants to filmmakers and helped in the production of more than 30 films. Thor has appeared on different television outlets such as CNN, HBO, Fox News Channel, al-Jazeera, BBC News and Bloomberg among others.

Brad Reifler Makes Investing Attainable For All Investors

In the financial industry, there are investment firms that make millions of dollars every year from profits regarding the investments that are handled through the firms. While many people think that investment firms look for people to invest based on investment interest, many investment firms look for people to invest based on the people’s financial situation. In the investment industry, investors are typically put into two distinct groups. One group is accredited, and the other group is non-accredited.

The difference between the groups is based entirely on the amount of money that people have accumulated or earn annually. For people to be considered an accredited investor, the people must have a net worth over 1 million dollars and earn over $200,000 per year. On the other hand, people who are considered non-accredited investors are people who earn less than $200,00 per year and have a net worth less than 1 million dollars.

The vast majority of people fall within the non-accredited group. Less than 1% of all potential investors are considered accredited investors. Even though a very small percentage of people makeup the accredited investor group, the investment industry uses most of its energy in trying to pursue the people in this very small group.

An investment professional name Brad Reifler has been doing what most investment firms have done for decades, which is to pursue accredited investors for potential investment opportunities. However, in recent years, Brad Reifler has started to shift his efforts somewhat by making investments available to non-accredited investors.

Brad Reifler is the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital. His investment firm produces a considerable amount of investment dollars on a yearly basis. Brad Reifler is known as a top investment industry CEO. He understands investments and how to make money in the investment industry.

Brad Reifler started the Forefront Income Trust initiative as a way of making investments available to non-accredited investors. The investments made through the Forefront Income Trust are made with smaller sums of money than the typical investments made with accredited investors. By allowing investments to be made with smaller sums of money, many people are able to invest who normally would not be able to invest.