Fabletics Is Giving Amazon A Run For Their Money With New Membership Plans

One of the leading contenders in fashion is Fabletics. For those who do not know about the brand, they are the brand of workout gear that you see advertised as being a monthly membership to purchase workout gear. The monthly membership will auto ship to members each month as long as they choose to continue their membership or not to skip a month of their membership.


Fabletics has shown that they know how to master the reverse showroom technique compared to other brands who failed the virtual showroom technique. The virtual showroom is available to be looked at by prospective members or members who are just getting started.


The use of a lifestyle quiz is going to help determine what types of active wear that you will receive each month. The quiz is going to help to determine which outfits that you will receive later on during your membership cycle. With the majority of shoppers spending their money on the Amazon platform, it can be difficult to compete and become one of the top sellers in active wear.


Customers who are members of Fabletics appreciate the membership design. It allows for members to purchase monthly workout gear without the hassle of going into a mall or an actual store. Fabletics has figured out what people want and how they want it and has used this to become a multi million dollar business.


Not all members want to purchase something unless they first try it on and for this reason, there is a limited number of Fabletics stores that you can visit to try the items on first before choosing whether or not you want to purchase something.


The number of stores that Fabletics operates is very limited, at the moment. The hope is to open more stores up as time goes by. The hope is that the people who come into the shops to check out workout gear will be persuaded to join the Fabletics membership brand.


For people who spend a good amount of time in the gym or working out, the Fabletics brand is top of the selection to choose from because of the different styles that they offer. Others also select this brand because of the people who stand up for the brand. One person in particular is Kate Hudson. In the recent months, she has recruited Demi Lovato as another promoter of the brand and as someone who uses the product to work out in.

Adam Milstein Is Driven And Respected

When a person has a dream that they would like to bring into reality, they have to be willing to give of their time to make that dream come true. When Adam Milstein was shared about how he brings his ideas to life, he shared that he pushes and pushes until his dreams come true. He is someone who is willing to give time to the ideas that he has and to fight for them to come into being. He shared that a person should be willing to give their time and efforts when they are trying to make their dream come true.

There are some who are lazy and who fail to make their ideas come true because they are not willing to push themselves. Adam Milstein is not a lazy individual. This man has found the success that he has because he is someone who enjoys working. He was asked in an interview to share about a job that he had that he did not like. This man shared that he has never had a job that he hated because he is someone who enjoys working. This is an ambitious man who keeps accomplishing new things.

Adam Milstein has shared that setting specific goals limits him and all that he can accomplish. There are some who need to have goals made for themselves if they are going to accomplish anything in life. They cannot do what they would like to do without having goals created that they follow after. Adam Milstein is someone who believes that specific goals stop him from doing great things. He had found success without setting specific goals for himself. He works hard and always does his best in the work that he goes after, but he does not create goals for himself that he has to follow exactly and more

Adam Milstein is a successful man who works as a real estate investor. He is a philanthropist and someone who is respected as a community leader.

Enrich Your Lips With The New Crystal EOS Brand

Who said attempting to have beautiful skin had to cost a fortune? Today, thousands of women are driven by their appearance and want to look good at all times, but prefer to use organic products. Sensitive skin also calls for beauty care products that are easy on your skin to avoid those unsightly rashes. EOS delivers the all-natural ingredients your skin longed for with up to 6-8 hours of clinically tested stay power says usmagazine.com. Their products are proven to work and give their wearers long lasting wear. Treat your lips to a one of a kind glow-up reasonably priced to fit any budget.

EOS has come out with a popular brand packaged even cuter than the original as if, that’s possible. The new Crystal line comes complete with a transparent container and a buttery wax-free formula, refer also to influenster.com. There is absolutely no chalking with their beauty care products in relation to competitor brands. You can find their variety of EOS blends on the beauty care aisle of your favorite retailer, but hurry, the EOS brands tends to leave shelves quick. You’ll also love their Evolution of Smooth grandfather brand offering organic shaving cream, lotion, and body butter; buy here. Get essential vitamins from the essential EOS lip balm today.

More exciting details here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


Whitney Wolfe Herd Goes for Top Spot in Social Media

Whitney Wolfe Herd knows that women and men are using dating apps more because they want access to a whole new way of meeting people. Some singles have become tired of the concept of going out to bars and meeting strangers. There are many people that are tired of this type of interaction between people that they know nothing about. In most cases they get a phone number and find that there are no commonalities among them.

The reality, however, is that there is a whole world of possibilities where people can connect with others that they are actually compatible with. This is possible when one tries a dating app like Bumble. This is the app that Whitney Wolfe Herd has created, and she believes that she is on a journey to helping people discover other people that have the same interests.

What makes Whitney Wolfe Herd unique is the fact that she is doing more than just connecting people that are trying to date and find a lifelong partner. Whitney Wolfe Herd is also helping friends connect through Bumble BFF as people develop better friendships. She is even helping people that are interested in finding business partners and networking through Bumble Bizz.

A large majority of people are discovering that Bumble is more than a dating app. This is what Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted. She wanted to create the type of app environment that would give people the chance to meet their needs when it came to socializing. She did not want people to feel like they were signing up for an app that only gave them an opportunity to do one thing. She wanted to create a multi-dimensional app that would push the boundaries and make people think about social media in a different way.

So many app users are excited with what Whitney Wolfe Herd has done because it gives them a chance to utilize one app for all of their social media needs. No one needs a LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account if they have Bumble. They can get all of these needs fulfilled with a single app.

Whitney Wolfe Herd knows that her app is definitely competition for Tinder, a top dating app, but Whitney Wolfe Herd also wants Bumble to be competition for all of the other social media apps. She is going for a top spot as a social media mogul and she is still under the age of 30.

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Jeunesse Global Develops Highly Effective Multivitamin

In the health and beauty industry, it is difficult to start a new company that has anything to offer that has not already been done 1,000 times before. But every one in a while, a truly exceptional company comes along and shakes up the industries natural order. Jeunesse Global has proven to be just one such company. After being founded in 2009 Jeunesse has grown to become a billion-dollar player in a highly competitive industry. But this wasn’t the product of luck. Far from it, the company was founded by two of the most experienced and innovative veterans in the global health and beauty sector.


Both Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray had long been fixtures of the health and beauty industry, especially in the realm of direct marketing of beauty products. Both Ray and Lewis had built dozens of successful companies from the ground up, becoming independently wealthy at a relatively young age. As the couple aged into their senior years, they had made multiple attempts to walk away from the excitement of the business world. But each time, the couple felt the gravitational pull of the industry pulling them back. Click Here to learn more.



Shortly after retiring for the third time, the couple founded Jeunesse Global. It didn’t take long for both Ray and Lewis to jump headlong into building their new business, spending the majority of their free time on growing the company. Within its first year, Jeunesse was doing nearly $1 million in sales. By its fifth year, the company was doing tens of millions in business and had thousands of distributors in its ranks. See: (  www.crunchbase.com/organization/jeunesse-global-2)


Most of the spectacular growth can be attributed to the company’s great products. AM PM Essentials is one example of the quality of product that the company puts out. The multivitamin is a unique blend of some of the most potent natural substances on Earth. AM Essentials provides users with the boost they need in the morning, helping them to wake up with energy and stay focused throughout the day.


PM Essentials contains ingredients that promote a good, restful sleep. Users have reported that they have never been able to sleep so restfully before.


Check Jeunesse Global out on YouTube.

Jeunesse Global Takes Health And Beauty Industry By Storm

It is rare that a new startup comes along and disrupts an entire established industry. But that is exactly what has happened in the case of Jeunesse Global. Founded in September of 2009, Jeunesse has grown exponentially, becoming of the premier distributors of health and beauty products worldwide.


The company was the brainchild of founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Having been involved in the health and beauty industry for nearly their entire lives, both Ray and Lewis had decided to attempt to retire for the third time. The couple had built a string of highly successful businesses and had long been independently wealthy. Although they had not been able to resist the call to jump back into the fray of running business before, they believed that the third attempt would prove to be the one that allowed them to stick to a life of golf courses and bingo.


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But when Lewis decided to begin selling a few items out of the couple’s garage in order to pass her spare time, Ray quickly jumped in as well. Within the first year of Jeunesse’s operations, the couple had done a few hundred thousand dollars in sales. By the second year, Jeunesse was doing well over a million. (View Source: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Jeunesse-Global)


Today, Jeunesse Global sells hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of health and beauty products. Jeunesse Global has developed some of the most innovative products seen in the last decade. It holds a number of patents for special formulations that were developed exclusively for use in Jeunesse products.


One example of a life-changing product that the company is currently selling is AM PM Essentials. This vitamin ensemble allows users to get all of their daily vitamins from one source, allowing them to free themselves from the hassles of keeping track of many different vitamin and supplement regimens throughout the day.


AM PM Essentials is a proprietary mix of vitamins that are optimized for both daytime and nighttime performance. The PM formulations allow the user to get a good night’s sleep, one of the most important factors in maintaining a youthful appearance as we age. The daytime formulation is designed to optimize the user’s waking hours.


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Tony Petrello Not Your Typical CEO, Donates $7 Million to Texas Hospital

     In September, Steven Smith wrote and published an article on Live Newspaper about the CEO and President of one of the leading drilling companies in the United States, Nabors Industries. However, the article wasn’t centered on the new plans for growth or profit for the company, instead it focused on the philanthropic efforts of Tony Petrello in his own back yard in Houston, Texas.

Tony Petrello doesn’t fit the stereotypical idea of an oil executive. Instead, he has proven himself to be incredibly generous as well as the respected leader of Nabors. He has his daughter to thank for his kind heart.

Eight years ago, Tony Petrello’s daughter was born prematurely at 24 weeks, weighing only 20 ounces. The physicians discovered a common ailment in premature babies, namely periventricular leukomalacia, otherwise known as PVL. PVL is a common disorder in premature babies which prevents adequate blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

For Carena, Petrello’s daughter, PVL eventually led her to develop cerebral palsy, a disease which prevents normal development and motor skills. Because of this, Tony and his wife began looking for industry leaders and researchers on neurological disorders. His pursuit eventually took him overseas, as he recognized that there was not enough research being done in the U.S. Still, he recognized that the majority of the research was done on adult brains. His own position as a member of the Board at Texas Children’s Hospital gave him the position to inquire at a variety of research institutions around the U.S. and internationally. However, the results were disappointing.

Tony Petrello realized that there was an absence of peer-reviewed research on the topic. Tony felt that this was inadequate. He donated nearly five million dollars with the promise of an additional two million to the local Texas Children’s Hospital to support their research into children’s neurological disorders. Throughout his search, Tony gained valuable contacts such as Jan and Dan Duncan. Their donation of more than fifty million dollars led to the creation of the Neurological Research Institute at the hospital.

Tony Petrello is the CEO and President of Nabors Industries, the largest drilling fleet on land and offshore. His leadership has helped the company develop a team of skilled specialists, eventually driving them to become a leader in the oil and gas sectors.

Tony Petrello began his career in mathematics and law. He gained his Bachelor’s degree from Yale in mathematics, continuing to study there for his M.S. Eventually, he continued to Harvard for his J.D.

Please see http://alivenewspaper.com/2017/09/tony-petrello-and-his-dedication-to-philanthropic-causes/ for more.

The New Sleek Crystal EOS Lip Balm

The Crystal lip balm is new to EOS’s product line and according to this article it is amazing. They have traded in their franchise circle lip balm for a pyramid and the made the actual lip balm completely see through. The new flavors are Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach and the author describes the new flavors as smelling like heaven and tropical waters. But a change to their packaging is not all that EOS did. They also improved their ingredients by adding shea butter and coconut, avocado, castor, and sunflower oils and making the lip balm hypoallergenic so everybody can enjoy this new lip balm.

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Mehra and Teller work together to improve the EOS (Evolution of Smooth) brand because they want consumers to have better options when it comes to lip balms. EOS offers a wide range of lip balms with incredible scents and flavors which the company provides with all their natural beauty and care products, view imabeautygeek.com and see more.  EOS has a product line including shaving cream, hand and body lotion and lip balms. All their products are all natural, hypoallergenic, gluten-free and dermatologist tested. They infuse their products with nourishing vitamins and all natural oils for skin-conditioning.

The company is based out of the United States and works out of New York since they were founded in 2006. EOS products can be found online or in major retail stores, go here. When their products was first introduced, they could only be founded in Walgreens but thanks to celebrities loving them and spreading the world about them; EOS has grown into a multi-million dollar company that is expected to continue to grow. Fast Company has even projected them to becoming a billion dollar company in the near future. EOS lip balms have been seen in music videos for some of today’s top artist like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears.

Learn more here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


End Citizen United Explains the Effects of Foreign Intervention in U.S Election

End Citizen United is a political committee that has a mission of terminating the use of large sums of money in politics and solve the manipulated political structure by holding many reform campaigns in the finance, developing and authorizing national ballot measures and raising the problem in the national dialogue. End Citizen United has also collaborated with other organizations to overturn Citizen United and terminate the unlimited and secret usage of money in the United States politics. To accomplish that mission, End Citizen United will appoint candidates that support reforms, will raise the matter of using foreign money in politics to a critical national issue and involving the ordinary members to show how money influences the politics. The political committee also has a role of enlightening the public about the matter.

In the recent past, End Citizen United learned that a Russian company that is related to Kremlin bought ads that had a purpose of manipulating the previous presidential election. As a result of this issue, End Citizen United recognized that the United States elections laws were not functioning well since it is an offense to spend foreign money on political campaigns.

Robert Mueller who is a special counsel, has been mandated by the committee to investigate whether Donald Trump involved the Russians in manipulating the 2016 elections. The committee believes that Robert will get deep into the matter and come up with proper findings. The only thing that is worrying the board is whether Washington will be ready to end foreign influence in the United States election in future.

It is not only the foreign governments that take advantage of the feeble election laws but also prominent organizations or wealthy individuals can influence the US politics. For instance, a Chinese company donated 1.3 million dollars to Super PAC. Similarly, a wealthy Mexican businessman funded the Super PAC with vast sums of money. Even though the committee is conscious of the foreign entities that were involved in the previous campaigns, it speculates that more unrecognized external organizations and individuals could have participated in altering the outcomes of the election. The committee also thinks that there is a possibility that foreign governments could have spent ten million dollars to manipulate the polls.

End Citizen United believes that all those foreign donations are just beginning with many subsequent contributions in the proceeding elections. They also think that the government has the necessary solutions to the issue but lacks the will to solve it. Learn more:https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/end-citizens-united


How Citizens United is planning to Protect the Johnson Amendment

The country has learned a lot of lessons from the election that has just been concluded. One of the most important lessons that everyone ought to take away from the process is the fact that there was too much interference from outside forces, and this could have had a direct influence on the outcome. People have been suspecting that the Russians interfered with the electoral process, and new evidence has emerged linking other groups to the process. The End Citizens United is a PAC which feels that it is time to make changes to the laws that govern the electoral process.

The group was initially put in place to help organize fundraising efforts for various Democratic Party Candidates. They helped raise funds, which put several of their preferred contestants in office. The other issue that has been disturbing them, however, is the illegal entrance of big corporates in the electoral process and the fact that it is possible for these groups to offer any amount of money to the candidates running. They feel that this creates leaders who are easy to manipulate, which is not good for the proper governance of a country. They want to have the Johnson Amendment protected from changes that would undermine the Democracy that we have been fighting for in the past few centuries.

The Johnson’s amendment was put in place to prohibit organizations such as churches from taking part in the electoral process. The government is looking for loopholes that they can use to weaken the amendment and create a situation where the churches can be used by politicians to further their agenda and acquire financial assistance. The primary task of the End Citizens United here is to make sure that the bill, which the president is already set to sign into law, does not become law. The leader of the End Citizens United says that any amendment which brings churches on board as interested partners in the electoral process will always be counter-productive because they might turn churches into tools which can be used by anyone in the process of trying to get into office.

The CEO of the Group, Tiffany Muller says that there is a reason behind the introduction of the Johnson Amendment, which was done in 1954. She adds that it is upon all the citizens of the country to think about the chaos that the national political scene will become when churches and schools become partisan in the electoral process. The law states that churches and schools can lose their tax exemption if they are found to be taking part in such political activities. The End Citizens United is here to ensure that the rule of law is respected.

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