Livio Bisterzo and His Investment Legacy

     This article will explore actor Livio Bisterzo and his investment in a snack company Green Park. He did this with Livio Bisterzo the Chief Executive and Co-founder of Green Park. Recent investments from the owner along with a private equity firm based in equity and actor Leonardo DiCaprio is boosting up this company. The snack company is in the form of chickpea puff snacks. Last month the actor and the founder invested an amount that was undisclosed.

The company to date has raised an amount of $2.5 million. The last installment of this money came from angel friends and investors. Bisterzo had just predicted his company would obtain $11 million this year in wholesale. It was he who said Green Park would have the ability to get its product in stores quickly. This is partly due to his links and skill with the launch of two other brands of consumer goods.

The chip company can be found in stores all over the U.S. Also, it can be found in the U.K, where an office is located. It will be in two more in the U.S at the end of the year. A usual profit margin for the product is around 20 to 30 percent. The sales of the snack increased from October 16 2016 at 153 percent.

Now this article will talk about basic information about Livio Bieserzo. Bisterzo is an entrepreneur who is Italian. In the year 1999 when he was eighteen he moved to the United Kingdom. Three he attended the University of the Arts in London. In 2003, he experienced his first venture as an entrepreneur. This venture was a discovery of an Event Business.

He lives currently in Los Angeles, California during the creation of Green Park with his wife and three kids. In the year 2016, he established Green Park Holdings. This is a modern food innovation company during the rapid increasing sector of nutrition and health. The main objective of the company is to both build and create a portfolio with an obvious focus of natural proportions that are “Better for you.”

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Todd Lubar of TDL Global Ventures Ltd Helps People To Access Fair Loans

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures Ltd. Successful as he may be, it is factual that becoming a successful business professional comes with challenges. That is why Todd Lubar is an admired figure in entrepreneurship. Just like life is a journey, business is too. Todd has defied all odds that come with execution challenges. The alumnus of Syracuse University majored in speech communication. This is a defining factor that explains his ability to incorporate business ideas through communication. His skills can be used to pave way for business in the ever fluctuating industry.


As the president of TDL Global Ventures, Todd Lubar leads a group of business prospects who need guidance in venturing into business. The professionalism he executes as a facilitator redefines leadership structures. With a huge client base that attracts investors, Lubar has a track record of experience that better places him in a position to offer proper customer service. His first job was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation when he graduated college. He was in charge of an executive position where he led in critical decision making. View Todd’s full profile on


Being visionary, Todd Lubar moved to Legacy Financial Group in Texas. He was in charge of key decision making. While serving, Todd garnered extensive experience and helped the company to grow to extensive levels. His duties as a manager paid out as in that year, the company made a revenue of approximately $100 million. Todd left Legacy in 2015. He was appointed as a vice president at Charter Funding, an affiliate of Magnus Financial Corporation. Delving into mortgage banking to assist people, Todd Lubar gained more skills. He built his career through these skills. Read more on


Presently, Todd Lubar is focused on helping people with accessing loans to fund their real estate businesses. With the understanding of how challenging getting a loan is, Todd thought it wise to venture into a business that helps people more than it yields profits. That is the genesis of TDL Global Ventures. With Todd Lubar in place, the company is set to grow into a life saver for most clients. Todd is an admirable leader. His focus and drive set him apart from other leaders.


A day in the life of Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is the founder of OVME. The idea of starting this establishment came to him when he was serving in the medical aesthetics industry. He has worked in the medical aesthetics industry for more than a decade. Dr. Mark McKenna grew his practice to one of the best in the United States. He later sold it to a publicly traded company. During his time in the industry, he has observed so many disruptions and opportunities in the industry.

Dr. Mark McKenna says that his typical day starts very early in the morning. His first duty is to wake up his daughter with whom they take breakfast together. He then takes a shower and then heads out for his job. At his workplace, he stays up until in the evening when he heads home to take dinner with his family. This shows that he is a family man who is dedicated to role as the head of the family. After dinner, he heads out for Jiu Jitsu training. After that, it is supper and bed time. This daily schedule indicates a man who has a very good time management. He says that at the core of every successful entrepreneur is a good time management strategy.

Dr. Mark McKenna set goals that he should achieve within particular time frames. He believes in practicality and always makes sure that his ideas are feasible. He says that for one to achieve success, they have to underscore the role of meditation and goal setting.

Dr. Mark McKenna says that he is very happy about the decline of smoking habit in the United States. He is also an ardent reader. McKenna has never been employed and has always worked for himself. He draws his inspiration from the success of personalities such as Elon Musk, Barack Obama, and Michael Bloomberg. Dr. McKenna is married to Gianine and has a four years old daughter. He is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. He is also a former board member of New Orleans Jazz Festival as well as New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical practitioner in medicine and surgery. He is a graduate of the University of Tulane. School of Medicine. After graduating he went both into medical practice and entrepreneurship. He founded a real estate venture firm to address housing development issues in New Orleans.


Nick Vertucci , the Real Estate Guru Breathtaking Story

Nick Vertucci is one of those people who grew up in a middle-class family with both parents and siblings and was well taken care of by his parents. He and the siblings were given parental love and anything they would ask, they were sure to be provided. However, this was never to be forever, as at some point he lost his father, and since then things started to fall apart.


To continue supporting his siblings, Nick Vertucci’s mother had to work extra hard, and for long hours, as by the time she could check in from work, Nick would be already asleep. By the time Nick was 18 years, he was already living out of his van and at this period, he was on his rock bottom. After some time, Nick decided to start his own business which he says made life a little bearable. The business was to sell computer parts. This job gave him a lot of freedom and finally a chance to be his boss.


Nick Vertucci expresses that it was during this time that he decided to marry the love of his life, and together bore three beautiful daughters. Life at the time, which he refers to as dot come error was too sweet that it made him blind to realize the power of investing in his future, and this is when his downfall, knocked for the second time.


His next 18 months were even worse when he could not afford anything at all and had gotten deep in debts as well, and all he could show for his money was only his home. Luckily there came a godsend, his friend who hinted to him to attend a three days seminar on real estate training. Though apprehensive to participate in the workshop at first, to this day, Nick Vertucci never regret the choice he made of attending the seminar.Though he could not take in all that was being said, deep down he already knew that this would be his turning point.



Getting out of his financial hole would this time be possible, he told himself. Ten years after the seminar is the time it has cost him to absorb all that was being taught, and through pressing on and never giving up, Nick had finally developed the system he required to make money from real estates. Today, Nick teaches the system to other people with the urge of getting out of their debt hole. Today, he owns the Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc.

Dr. S. Mark Mckenna, The Mind Behind OVME

Dr. S. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor licensed to practiced both surgery and Medicine in the states of Georgia and Florida. A native of New Orleans, La., Dr. Mckenna attended Tulane University Medical School. Upon graduation from medical school, Dr. Mckenna began practicing medicine alongside his father.

In addition to a career in medicine, Dr. S. Mark Mckenna is a noted businessman and entrepreneur. Dr. Mckenna’s first business venture was the founding of Mckenna Venture Investments, a boutique real estate firm. Dr. Mckenna would later go on to acquire Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc.

The summer of 2005 brought tragedy to Dr. Mckenna’s hometown New Orleans by way of Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Mckenna suffered much personal loss as a result of the storm and many of Mckenna’s business interests were destroyed. Dr. Mckenna helped with the rebuilding of his hometown by redeveloping low to moderate income housing.

Dr. Mckenna moved to Atlanta in 2007 and founded a ShapeMed. ShapeMed is a wellness and aesthetic based medical practice. Mckenna would run ShapeMed for seven years before selling the company to Life Time Fitness Inc., where Dr. Mckenna worked as the company’s National Medical Director until July 2016. A year later, Mckenna became the CEO and Founder of OVME. OVME is a medical aesthetic company that is is reinventing elective healthcare.

Recently Dr. Mckenna answered questions about OVME and other aspects of his life. Mckenna states that his ten years of experience in medical aesthetics field was the inspiration for the founding of OVME. Dr. Mckenna states that “During that process I noticed many opportunities to disrupt the industry.

When asked abut a typical day in his life Dr. Mckenna explains that he wakes at 6:30 AM on an average day. His first order of business is breakfast with his daughter. Mckenna’s normal work hours are 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM, after which he heads home to have dinner with his family. Next, Dr. Mckenna heads to the gym for Jiu Jitsu training. After training, Mckenna works from home until he falls asleep. Dr. Mckenna states that he is a voracious reader and regularly sets goals and practices of visualization. Mckenna meditates daily and believes that this meditation accompanied by active goal setting is a powerful recipe for success. When asked what trend in america really excites him? Dr. S. Mark Mckenna’s simple answer was “A decline in smoking.”

TechStyle Innovators and fashion e-commerce giants Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

Tech Style group has revolutionized the ecommerce space for avid fashion lovers globally. Its online fashion retail stores showcases branded fashion apparels from JustFab, FabKids, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle that precisely meets their members’ preferences. The monthly subscription fee gives its members exclusive benefits such as; access to a personal stylist who recommends selections based on their unique preferences. Their membership expands internationally and is currently over four million.

History of Tech Style group

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the Co-chief executives of this mega online fashion store. Adam Goldenberg’s is an ambitious and ingenious entrepreneur whose career began 20 years ago. By age 19 he sold his gaming website to Intermix which named him the COO hence making him youngest COO to a public company so far in history. Goldenberg later helped start Intelligent Beauty that inspired TechStyle and as the Co-CEO he oversees marketing, data, internal systems and margins.

Don Ressler who has been credited for pioneering e-commerce and online spaces has had a very successful track record spearheading core ventures that have generated billions in terms of sales and profits. Goldenberg is also the brains behind Intelligent Beauty, an online corporation established in 2006 to sell fashion apparels through social media and one of its perks was that its members could receive fashion advice from professional stylist on how to dress as well as apply make-up. Eventually Intelligent Brains was instrumental into developing TechStyle Company. In his capacity as a Co-Founder, Goldenberg oversees vision, talent & customer experience.

JustFab funding history

JustFab, which is a lifestyle fashion company based in El Segundo, was founded by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The inception of the subscription-based company into the fashion industry was a global phenomenon. Through membership, fashionistas were now able to indulge into personalized fashion shopping globally. At the conception stage in 2011, the founders channelled their own funds into the site which was over $33 million for the company to be up and running. Following its initial success, Rho Capital Partners in July 2012 later injected over $75 million into the company enabling the site to revamp itself and as a result they widened their merchandise from ladies only to now cater for children as well as men.

In 2013, Shining Capital came on board and raised over $54 million and in 2014 Passport Capital also channelled $85 million enabling the company to excel and establish their footing in the e-commerce fashion industry with all-inclusive brands. JustFab is valued at $1 billion with over $4 million VIP members and its soon gearing for an IPO which makes it a fashion unicorn in SocialTech.

Michel Terpins: An ardent Brazilian rally driver in Prototype T1strong

Paulistas Michel Terpins 40 is a renowned Brazilian rally driver who hails from Sao Paulo. A member of Bull Sertoes Rally Team, Michel with his navigator Justo 37, is at the fore front to win this year edition of Sertoes Rally. Having already finished fourth and fifth stage of 2017 Sertoes Rally, Michel regards this as a special achievement for his quest.

Michel Terpins has over a decade and a half experience in rally driving after making his debut in 2002 in the motorcycle category. Michel later switched to cars where he navigated for his brother Rodrigo Terpins. For the last four years, Michel has grown into rally pilot powerhouse. His navigator, Maykel Justo from Taubate, Sao Paulo has an immense experience in Sertoes Rally and has won four titles.

The team

For the passion of speed and off-road driving, Michel Terpins and his older brother Rodrigo Terpins formed a rally team called Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Started last year, the Bull Sertoes Rally Team is strong, fast and firmly on board with T-Rex as is expected to one of the competitive rally team in Brazil. The team is sponsored by Bull Sertoes and MEM support team, 100% Eventos, Terpins & Cintra Advogados, Xarla as well as Motul and Ohlins.

The championship

For the last four seasons, Michel and his brother Rodrigo have been using T-Rex which is built by MEM Motorsport. The car has undergone a powerful modification where a V8 engine using ethanol has been installed to meticulously prepare it for this year season. The two brothers have been competing for the Sertoes Rally, Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship as well as Mitsubishi Cup.

For Michel, this year marks the 10th participation in the Sertoes Rally and the second consecutive year for Michel and his navigator Justo on board T-Rex number 322 in the T1 Prototype category. They are currently leading in the category at the Championship with 5h 26min 01 sec after the 666.01 km fifth stage of the Sertoes Rally. The duo still remains fourth overall in the accumulated result with a total of 21h 18m 40sec and extra two hours to spare in second place.


Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg – Co-Founders of Intelligent Beauty, Inc

Mr. Adam Goldenberg has experience in Internet marketing, product management, and development which spans six years. He is the Co-Founder of Just Fabulous, Inc. Additionally, Adam Goldenberg serves as the company’s Co-Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Goldenberg co-founded Intelligent Beauty, Inc in 2006. Intelligent Beauty, Inc has its head office located in in El Segundo, California. The firm operates and incubates businesses in fashion spaces, beauty, and personal care. Intelligent Beauty, Inc believes in a finer wat to start and expand businesses presently operating in the market, employing technology and a controlled technique to brand building. Intelligent Beauty, Inc, as an e-commerce brand-building master, has made deals worth over 1 billion US dollars and raised capital worth more 100 million US dollars for Internet organizations. Mr. Goldenberg also serves at Intelligent Beauty, Inc as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. He also worked for Alena LLC and Brentwood Cosmetics, LLC since January 2004 as the company’s President. Since January 29, 2004, Adam Goldenberg served at Performance Marketing Group of Intermix Media LLC as the President of the enterprise. He also served as the Chief Operating Officer at the same organization from October 26, 2001, to January 29, 2004. He founded Hydroderm and later teamed up with Don Ressler to establish Brand Ideas.

Mr. Don Ressler also serves at Intelligent Beauty, Inc. as the firm’s Co-Chief Executive Officer. He is also a co-founder of the organization. FitnessHeaven.Com, Inc is Mr. Don Ressler’s first corporation. Don Ressler also works for the company as its President and Chief Executive Officer. The start-up was bought in 2001 by Intermix Media. After its acquisition by Intermix Media, Ressler teamed-up Adam Goldenberg to launch Alena Media. Adam Goldenberg has served at Intermix Media for 19 years as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. At Intermix Media, Mr. Don Ressler started core ventures that gave tribute to the values of shareholders.

After the creation of Intelligent Beauty, Inc by both Mr. Don Ressler and Mr. Adam Goldenberg, the two went ahead to create lead brands in the health and beauty market. They started putting ideas on how to make the shopping experience on the web social, fun, and interactive. Nonetheless, they also prepared for an expansion of Intelligent Beauty and began to enlist style planners and experts, making a personalization stage, and working out a membership stage that is reasonable and alluring. The result was JustFab, a style group where buyers get to choose accessories, purses, and shoes that are modified to their taste and sold for less than 40$ every month.

EOS: A New Crystal Clear Launch

Have you heard of EOS lip balm? If you haven’t, EOS lip balm is a unique brand of lip moisturizer that comes in a sphere or stick container. EOS stands for evolution of smooth, which is exactly what the products deliver: a nice, smooth application for gorgeous and healthy lips. Lately, there’s been some breaking news regarding EOS lip balm, which is a hit favorite in the cosmetic world. Just recently, EOS has released a crystal shape to its lip balm collection, which is an exciting addition to its sphere and stick sisters. View for more amazing stories.

On Instagram, EOS has been teasing fans with images of a triangular-shaped container which mimics the image of a jewel. The crystal lip gloss has already sold out online, but is available for purchase at Walmart, Target, CVS, Ulta, and Walgreens. You can find two incredible flavors to choose from in this crystal packaging: Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, available here at

Aside from the shape, these lip balms are also different in their quality. They are crystal clear and feature a wax-free formula. Like the other EOS lip balms, they are vegan and cruelty-free. Their exciting ingredients include five essential oils, such as avocado, shea and coconut.

This is just another exciting launch from EOS, which is always coming up with something new. These jewel-like lip balms contain a revolutionary weightless hydration for the perfect pout. The Crystal Lip Balms are a definite must-have for your daily beautifying needs. You’ll feel like a princess applying a crystal finish with one of these jewel-like lip balms.

If you’re looking for something new and fresh to add onto your daily routine, you’ll be more than satisfied with the gorgeous and crisp shine that these Crystal Lip Balms offer. With a wax-free formula, you’ll be sure to have something to grin about.

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How James Bopp Conceived The Birth Of End Citizens United

James Bopp, a lawyer from Terre Haute, Indiana, got laughed at when he appeared before a court in Washington, DC, to defend his client, Citizens United to air a movie named Hillary. Bopp wanted the movie to be played during Democrat presidential primaries. In the film, Hillary was portrayed as a ruthless political schemer and a European socialist. Kathleen Willey who also featured in the movie accused Bill Clinton of kissing and hugging her while in White House. She also accused the president of plotting to assassinate her cat.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) denied Citizens United rights to air the film. Judge Royce Lamberth laughed loudly saying that a Hillary, a 90-minute movie couldn’t be compared with other 60 minute movies. Two years later, the Supreme Court reversed Lamberth ruling adopting James Bopp’s arguments. The Supreme Court stated that corporations just like average voters have First Amendment rights. Today, James Bopp is struggling to dismantle all campaign regulations. Many reformers have described James Bopp as an opportunist who uses his clients to broaden the loopholes in the law to benefit wealthy politicians and organizations.

End Citizens United Plan to Raise $35 Million

End Citizens United, a political action committee devoted to driving away big and dirty money out of campaigns in the United States has raised $ 4million within the first three months of 2017 and has plans to have over $35 million by next year’s midterm elections. The super PAC raised $25 million in last year’s presidential elections. If the amount raised last year had a significant influence n the campaigns, $35 million would have a bigger impact in this 2018 midterms.

In the first quarter of 2017, over 100,000 contributed to the PAC. Of this number, 40,000 of them were new to donors. The average contribution is $12, and Tiffany Muller, the president of the PAC, believes that the reason behind the high number of contributors is that they feel that the system has always rigged them out. Muller also said that the Democrats are furious with President Trump win and are ready to fight back. Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch has also angered the Democrats.

During the congressional campaign for Jon Ossof in Georgia, the PAC was surprised by its contributors when they requested them to raise $500,000 towards Ossoff campaigns. The contributors raised $4million. Muller suggested that the group is still evaluating the different candidates, but the group could endorse Sherrod Brown, Ohio senator and Jon Tester of Montana.

End Citizens United was formed with the aim of repealing the 2010 Supreme Court ruling that introduced big and dirty money in the country’s campaigns. The End Citizens United cannot accept more than $5,000 from a single contributor. Despite the contribution cap, the PAC raised significant money that aided Hillary Clinton in her campaigns.