End Citizen United Explains the Effects of Foreign Intervention in U.S Election

End Citizen United is a political committee that has a mission of terminating the use of large sums of money in politics and solve the manipulated political structure by holding many reform campaigns in the finance, developing and authorizing national ballot measures and raising the problem in the national dialogue. End Citizen United has also collaborated with other organizations to overturn Citizen United and terminate the unlimited and secret usage of money in the United States politics. To accomplish that mission, End Citizen United will appoint candidates that support reforms, will raise the matter of using foreign money in politics to a critical national issue and involving the ordinary members to show how money influences the politics. The political committee also has a role of enlightening the public about the matter.

In the recent past, End Citizen United learned that a Russian company that is related to Kremlin bought ads that had a purpose of manipulating the previous presidential election. As a result of this issue, End Citizen United recognized that the United States elections laws were not functioning well since it is an offense to spend foreign money on political campaigns.

Robert Mueller who is a special counsel, has been mandated by the committee to investigate whether Donald Trump involved the Russians in manipulating the 2016 elections. The committee believes that Robert will get deep into the matter and come up with proper findings. The only thing that is worrying the board is whether Washington will be ready to end foreign influence in the United States election in future.

It is not only the foreign governments that take advantage of the feeble election laws but also prominent organizations or wealthy individuals can influence the US politics. For instance, a Chinese company donated 1.3 million dollars to Super PAC. Similarly, a wealthy Mexican businessman funded the Super PAC with vast sums of money. Even though the committee is conscious of the foreign entities that were involved in the previous campaigns, it speculates that more unrecognized external organizations and individuals could have participated in altering the outcomes of the election. The committee also thinks that there is a possibility that foreign governments could have spent ten million dollars to manipulate the polls.

End Citizen United believes that all those foreign donations are just beginning with many subsequent contributions in the proceeding elections. They also think that the government has the necessary solutions to the issue but lacks the will to solve it. Learn more:https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/end-citizens-united


How Citizens United is planning to Protect the Johnson Amendment

The country has learned a lot of lessons from the election that has just been concluded. One of the most important lessons that everyone ought to take away from the process is the fact that there was too much interference from outside forces, and this could have had a direct influence on the outcome. People have been suspecting that the Russians interfered with the electoral process, and new evidence has emerged linking other groups to the process. The End Citizens United is a PAC which feels that it is time to make changes to the laws that govern the electoral process.

The group was initially put in place to help organize fundraising efforts for various Democratic Party Candidates. They helped raise funds, which put several of their preferred contestants in office. The other issue that has been disturbing them, however, is the illegal entrance of big corporates in the electoral process and the fact that it is possible for these groups to offer any amount of money to the candidates running. They feel that this creates leaders who are easy to manipulate, which is not good for the proper governance of a country. They want to have the Johnson Amendment protected from changes that would undermine the Democracy that we have been fighting for in the past few centuries.

The Johnson’s amendment was put in place to prohibit organizations such as churches from taking part in the electoral process. The government is looking for loopholes that they can use to weaken the amendment and create a situation where the churches can be used by politicians to further their agenda and acquire financial assistance. The primary task of the End Citizens United here is to make sure that the bill, which the president is already set to sign into law, does not become law. The leader of the End Citizens United says that any amendment which brings churches on board as interested partners in the electoral process will always be counter-productive because they might turn churches into tools which can be used by anyone in the process of trying to get into office.

The CEO of the Group, Tiffany Muller says that there is a reason behind the introduction of the Johnson Amendment, which was done in 1954. She adds that it is upon all the citizens of the country to think about the chaos that the national political scene will become when churches and schools become partisan in the electoral process. The law states that churches and schools can lose their tax exemption if they are found to be taking part in such political activities. The End Citizens United is here to ensure that the rule of law is respected.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden a Cosmetic Surgeon based in Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a trained plastic surgeon, and she is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She founded the Walden Cosmetics Surgery Centre PLLC and Jennifer L. Walden M.D., PLLC. She was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and graduated from The University of Texas in 1994 with a BA in Biology. Dr. Jennifer Walden also attended The University of Texas Medical Branch for her Medical Doctorate and graduated with Highest Honors in 1998. She did her residency training at the University of Texas Department of surgery for her general surgery internship. She further went to the department of surgery, a division of plastic surgery for her integrated plastic surgery residency.

Dr. Walden focuses on facial and breast surgery. She performs procedures such as rhinoplasty and breast augmentations and lifts. She first practiced at Manhattan eye ear and throat hospital under the mentorship of Dr. Sherrell Aston where she received her fellowship in aesthetic surgery. She uses Vectra technology, which is a 3D imaging that gives a visual image of a patient before surgery takes place. She also uses ThermiVa, a radio-frequency system which is temperature controlled for the tightening and reconstruction of the virginal muscles. The Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments (ASSI) have adopted Dr. Walden’s own developed breast surgery equipment and instruments.

Dr. Walden works as an advisor and consultant for aesthetic companies such as Venus Concept, ThermiAesthetics as well as Sciton Inc. Her primary goal as a cosmetic surgeon is to help patients make the right decisions that will serve to protect their interests. She aims at making patients as comfortable as possible by giving them a natural physical appearance. She is an affiliate of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, where she also serves in Board of directors. Dr. Walden is also an associate of the American College of Surgeons as well as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: She’s Growing By The Day

In life, you either get better, stay the same, or you get worse. In the case of Dr. Jennifer Walden, she has only gotten better. She has become great, as a matter of fact. She is the best plastic surgeon out there, and she has a practice in Austin, Texas with an all-female staff. She wants women to have everything they want and deserve in their lives. She believes that right now, more than ever, women need to be in each other’s corner. There is a played out narrative that women are only out for themselves and they don’t care about anyone else. In fact, there is also a tired narrative about women being catty with one another, gossiping, and talking behind each other’s backs.

These are not opinions I believe in or endorse in any way. However, I know how people think and how they can be old school and close minded. It does not excuse their behavior, though. If anything, it only serves as motivation for women to be by each other’s side even more and lift each other up. One of the most rewarding aspects of Dr. Jennifer Walden’s job is when she hears from someone that she changed their life. That is why she gets up in the morning and it is why she performs her job. She knows it is a job that needs to be done and more

She takes enormous pride in helping a woman build up their self esteem and like the way they look and feel better about themselves. It is a great reward for her. Many people might think that the patients are the ones getting all of the rewards. However, for Dr. Jennifer Walden, she gets just as much out of this as her patients do, which is saying something because they get a lot out of it when it’s all said and done.

They get a new lease on life and they can tackle whatever life and the world throws their way, which is truly powerful. That is because of the fine plastic surgery work of Dr. Jennifer Walden.

José Auriemo Neto Led JHSF Into Extreme Growth And A Successful Future

One of Brazil’s leading real estate development corporations is JHSF. The business was founded in 1972 by Jose Roberto Auriemo and his brother Fabio in Sao Paulo. The brothers envisioned their construction company becoming a real estate development giant. By 2001, the company was involved with the big projects, and brought about Brazil’s mall revolution. This began with the Metro Santa Cruz mall development in Sao Paulo. This was the first known Brazilian mall with an integration to the local subway. This concept provided the convenience customers enjoyed for shopping, and they could easily access reliable transportation.

The company’s leadership changed with the first son of Fabio, Jose Auriemo Neto. He took over the business when he was just 27. His new ideas and successful strategies resulted in the diversification and growth of JHSF. He chose to go after the high-end luxury market, and due to his leadership the high end and ultra-modern Cidade Jardim complex was launched in 2006. This is where the Shopping Cidade Jardim is housed, has become one of the country’s premier destinations for shopping, and every large international brand can be found by consumers.

The leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto was responsible for many changes within the company, including the publicly listed offering regarding their shares in 2007. The Novo Mercado of BMF & Bovespa made it possible for JHSF to access more capital, and this was how Jose Auriemo Neto gained the controlling shares in the Fasano Group hotels. The diversification of the company’s assets throughout Brazil continued, and new developments including the Fazenda Boa Vista, the Horto Bela Vista Complex, the Catarina Fashion Outlet, and so many others were successfully established. Jose Auriemo Neto also believed in exploring the international markets, such as the 815 building in New York, right on 5th Avenue.

Review Of New EOS Lip Balm

EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth created a lip balm that caused quite a stir in the lip balm market several years ago. They changed the look and the ingredients that were main staples in the product. Today, millions eagerly look forward to the next EOS lip balm to hit the market because they would like to be the first to get their hands on the product before it’s sold out. EOS recently introduced their clear vegan crystal flavored lip balm to the consumer market. EOS fans responded very favorably to the new lip balm by quickly buying up the product online and at local retailers.


The EOS Brand

The EOS brand lip balms are easy to identify because of their small spherical shape. The orbs contain naturally flavored lip balms. The new clear vegan crystal flavored lip balm is packaged in the same type of container. It’s important to note that the new lip balm is free of beeswax, purely organic, and free of animal byproducts. This new lip balm flavor is really catching on with EOS fans. In fact, the clear vegan crystal flavored lip balm sold out on the website the first day that it was released.



EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth is a small company that made several changes to the lip balm industry. They listened to the public and developed a new design for containers that consumers really liked. In addition, they realized that women were looking for a lip balm that included organic products that were nourishing and healthy, shop here at amazon.de! This led to the small New York based company developing organic lip balms that delivered on their promise to heal, moisturize, and nourish the lips. Clearly, EOS designed a lip balm that would attract millions of female fans looking for that type of lip care product.


Related Source: http://www.fraeulein-ungeschminkt.de/2013/11/eos-lip-balm-review.html.


End Citizens America has vowed to protect the Johnson Amendment

When Texas Senator Lyndon B. Johnson introduced his amendment to the United States Constitution in 1954, it did not attract much attention in the media or raise eyebrows in the political circles. It seemed to all as a reasonable amendment that reinforced a basic American principle which envisioned a country where the church and the state operated independent of each other. In fact, the amendment was made into law that very year and was signed into law by a Republican president Dwight Eisenhower. However, as the years have progressed and the effects of the amendment have come to be felt in the political arena, it has become a bone of contention.

The Republican Party, ironically, has been actively attempting to repeal or weaken the Johnson Amendment over the years. Many Republican politicians have spoken against it on different occasions, key among them President Donald Trump. In fact, a repeal of this amendment was one of his key campaign promises during his presidential campaign in 2016. And now that he is president, Republican Party legislators have been making attempts to either weaken the amendment or repeal it altogether.

There is a reason why politicians would wish to do away with the Johnson Amendment. Mainly its because it prohibits tax-exempt non-profit organizations such as charities, universities, and churches from campaigning for or against a political candidate. These organizations and institutions, referred to as 501(c)(3), would lose their tax-exempt status if they were to violate this amendment. Politicians are more concerned with the inability of the church to participate in political discourse than any other organization. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, the church is a very influential institution which bears the ability to steer its congregants’ political persuasion, making it the most powerful political tool which cannot be used. Watch youtube to know more.

The second one is the money. Americans contribute billions of dollars to the church each year, with the belief that they would be used for good courses both in the country and around the world. Repealing the Johnson Amendment would allow the churches to spend such money for political campaigns. However, the main concern is that doing this would open a loophole for the wealthy to channel their campaign contributions through the churches. This would create an avenue for dark money to find its way into political campaigns.

That is why End Citizens America has started a campaign to save the Johnson Amendment. End Citizens America is a PAC which was established in 2010 with the aim of preventing dark money from entering into political campaigns. This was after the Supreme Court of United States, adjudicating the Citizens United v. FEC case, determined that corporate bodies bore the same rights as individuals, a decision which allowed such bodies to contribute money to political campaigns anonymously. This made it difficult to prevent dark money from entering the American political process.

End Citizens America views the recent attempts at weakening or repealing the Johnson Amendment as another affront to American democracy which would create another avenue for dark money to enter in the political campaigns. Know more: https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/


The Meal Delivery Services That Athletes EVERYWHERE Love


Athletes understand that there is a direct correlation between peak performance and proper dieting. Not only is cooking healthy food time consuming, it can actually be pretty tricky! For these reasons, many athletes are turning to prepared meal delivery services in order to satisfy their diet while sticking to their training regiment. Meal delivery services are the ultimate way to save time, maximize your athletic potential, and eat healthier all at once. Today, we are going to delve into a couple of the best meal delivery services around in order to hopefully point you in the right direction.


Nutrisystem – Spend Less and Take Control of Your Diet.

We are going to start off our list by talking about Nutrisystem cost (https://purehealthyliving.net/nutrisystem-cost/). Nutrisystem is a meal delivery service that seeks to take all of the prep-work and calorie counting out of your hands. The goal with Nutrisystem is to introduce you to a completely regimented diet that is packed with nutrition and flavor. The designers of Nutrisystem understand that counting calories, tallying points, and paying attention to portion sizes can be problematic. For that reason, Nutrisystem lays out options for each meal, including snacks, that you simply pick your favorites from. Individually packaged, there is no easier way to get into your training rhythm. Nutrisystem is a great meal delivery service for athletes looking to cut weight or maintain their lean mass.


Pete’s Paleo – Welcome to the Flavor.

If you are into variety and want to eat from a selection of foods that are, well, perfect for our paleolithic ancestors — look no further. Pete’s Paleo is a popular meal delivery service that focuses on helping you bulk up with high-quality protein and GMO-free vegetables. Pete’s Paleo offers meal service orders in bulk with a range of different price points in order to cater to your budget. Everything is delivered on Friday and each meal will come protein heavy and clock in at around 600 calories. These are meat-heavy dishes for people that need protein to pack on the muscle while shifting away from fat.


Underground Prep – Classy Meal Delivery.

We’ll finish off our list by talking about Underground Prep, a meal delivery service designed by Chef Justin Aquino. Chef Aquino is an upper-crust chef from Beverly Hills who has earned a Cordon Bleu education. Aquino and the Underground Prep meal delivery service offer carefully calibrated meals that are hormone-free, gluten-free, and bereft of any sugar or dairy. Chef Aquino is a firm believer in tracking your macro-nutrients and that should be music to the ears of every diet-focused athlete reading these words. Right now Underground Prep is relegated to the West Coast but Chef Aquino is planning on spreading his business around the rest of the country here soon.


As you can see above, meal delivery services are clearly on the rise. The great thing about these services is that they offer athletes variety in a healthy, convenient and affordable package. Are you ready to maximise your fitness regiment?

Robert Ivy, CEO of the American Institute of Architects

     The American Institute of Architects represents professionals and licensed architects in the industry of design and construction. The group was originally established in 1857 and has since appointed Robert Ivy as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President. The AIA selected Cottle Carr Yaw Architects of Basalt as the 2017 Architectural Firm of the Year. The award was given for producing noteworthy architecture over the last ten years.

The American Institute of Architects also seeks to recognize the student community. The Institute has sponsored a marshmallow and spaghetti building challenge for students in grades 2 to 8. The event was held in Staten Island, N.Y. by the Staten Island Chapter of the AIA. The AIA effectively facilitates meetings to let people propose outside-the-box solutions. The Santa Barbara Chapter of the AIA held a charrette to discuss ideas to improve State Street. Solutions were proposed to address housing, transportation, public engagement, and retail.

Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. He was named a Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi in 2010. Alpha Rho Chi is a national architecture fraternity. The group voted unanimously towards Ivy’s communication of the value of design. Ivy is the only architect to have received this award in the 21st century. He also earned the G.D. Crain Award for Lifetime Contributions in 2009. Ivy is from Columbus, Mississippi and currently lives in Washington, D.C.

He was the editor in chief of Architectural Record in 1996. During his tenure, he helped the publication become one of the most popular architecture journals in the world. Architectural Records has received 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards, MPA Digital Award for Website of the Year in 2008, and 7 Ozzies.

Robert Ivy is a senior fellow at the Design Futures Council. The Council focuses on finding leaders in different fields; engineering, architecture, construction, design, development, and technology. The group organizes annual meetings centered around strategically important topics such as sustainability, education, and applied innovation.

Ivy has stated, “Sustainability is now widely embraced, and has been embedded into our designs…” He feels that architects are responsible for coming up with design solutions for the potential issues with a growing population. Robert Ivy sits on the jury chair of the Super Jury. The Super Jury judges a few different awards programs at the World Architecture Festival; the Future Project, World Landscape, and Completed Building of the Year.


EOS Offers Vegan Lip Balm

One of Evolution Of Smooth’s newest products is a new lip balm christened Crystal Lip Balm. Based on usmagazine.com, this is the company’s latest lip balm and it comes in EOS’ distinctive trademark round ball but this newest balm is actually both clear and vegan. It’s also entirely free of any animal byproducts.


No “Beeswax beauty, on everyone”

The official Evolution Of Smooth company website states that but one ingredient prevented EOS all-natural lip balms from previously being considered officially vegan. That ingredient was beeswax. EOS took the beeswax out of this new balm.

The Crystal Lip Balms are presently priced at $5.49 each. They’ve only been on the market for a couple of months. The new balms are reported to have sold out in less than 24 hours when first offered on the EOS website.

At present, these new lip balms come in two flavors: vanilla orchid and hibiscus peach. According to “Teen Vogue” magazine, these lip balms contain avocado, coconut, a special “see-through” shea butter and assorted natural oils. Social media indicates that these new products are a success.



Celebrity endorsements are partially credited for the success of the EOS product line. Famous ladies like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian were a couple of the first celebs to reportedly use the lip balms to protect their lips from all the harsh, bright lights of show business. The balms are hypoallergenic, natural, and safe for all types of skin.

EOS lip balms come in several different flavors including Watermelon, Tangerine, Cherry, Passion Fruit, Mint Milk, Lemon Drop, Coconut Milk, and more, browse all flavored lip balms here on imabeautygeek.com. Several online sources report that thousands of individuals have been choosing EOS balms over the more established Chapstick. EOS lip balms may be purchased at various retail outlets or online off the Evolution Of Smooth website.

Discover more beauty hacks here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.